Your tax dollars at work

The NSA created a hacking method which was stolen and used to wreak worldwide havoc yesterday, shutting down computer systems for hospitals, private companies, and foreign governments.  The hackers demanded ransom from millions of people all over the globe if they wanted to regain access to their computers.

So even though this couldn’t have happened without the NSA designing cyber weapons to potentially terrorize people all over Earth, I think it’s clear we need to invest more heavily in the secretive NSA so they can continue developing these weapons to protect us against the evil Russians.

Good for Obama

He commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence so hopefully the former Army private will be free in a few months.  Of course Obama’s the one that locked him up in the first place and had him sentenced to a ridiculous 35 years in a government dungeon.  So I won’t give our outgoing Emperor too much credit.  But at least Manning can go home and try to enjoy the rest of his life.  He should be treated as a hero for exposing the US State’s crimes.  He’s certainly not a criminal.

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The long hot summer is over

Image result for charlotte riotsSummer has come to an end and residents of American urban centers can only hope they will get a reprieve from the recent epidemic of riots. It seems cops can’t even shoot a black man without more violent “protests” breaking out.  Black on black gun violence just isn’t acceptable if one of them has a badge.

I guess the cops will have to stick to shooting white people. That continues to fly under the radar.

Black cop kills unarmed white man

In fact it was a handicapped, deaf, unarmed white man whom he pulled over for speeding. Apparently Jermaine Saunders, the officer of African descent, shot him immediately after he exited his car following the traffic stop.  It seems this latest victim of state sanctioned violence may have been trying to communicate via sign language.  This made the nervous North Carolina trooper fear for his precious blue life so he opened fire.

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I assume Emperor Obama is getting ready to make a statement on this latest atrocity.  After all, if he had a son, he would look like the cop.  So it’s very relevant to him.

I also fear for the city of Charlotte.  Surely all the whites who live there won’t stand for this injustice and will begin setting cars on fire and looting local businesses.

Oh wait…

Police killed 1,186 people in 2015

That’s according to  I can’t vouch for its accuracy.  Some thoughts.

As much as I dislike police, that doesn’t seem to be that high a number.  I mean there are somewhere around 320,000,000 people in this country.  If you want to have armed revenue collectors patrolling every single town basically looking for trouble, there are bound to be some casualties.

19 Americans were killed by Islamic Terrorists in 2015.  I guess if Obama’s still spending hundreds of billions of dollars fighting Bush’s War on Terror and that only killed 19 people, it makes sense that he’d start a “War on Cops.”  I mean cops kill way more Americans.

About 500 whites were killed by police in 2015.  That’s more than any other racial or ethnic group.  A little over 300 Blacks were killed.  I don’t recall any riots or protests over any of the whites that were killed.  I don’t remember Obama making any comments about them either.

Now I don’t condone riots for any reason, and protests are usually a waste of time. And Obama can go fuck himself.  But cops are equal opportunity killers.  They are equal opportunity harassers.  They are equal opportunity thieves.  They are not your friend whether you’re white, black, brown or yellow.  White people shouldn’t automatically love the cops just because some left wing black racists hate them.

Why Trump is better than Hitlery

I haven’t decided whether I’ll actually vote for the Donald in November.  I generally vote third party or abstain completely.  But it’s not like one vote is going to sway the election anyway, and I clearly have a rooting interest.  Donald Trump is hands down less bad than the Hildabeast.  Obviously I come at this from a libertarian perspective so here are my reasons:

Taxes: As far as I can tell, Trump’s basically an old fashioned Northeast Rockefeller, Limousine Republican when it comes to taxes.  So my best guess is a slight reduction on income taxes and maybe a lower Corporate tax.  The difference will probably be made up through tariffs or fees of some sort.  I don’t see any real improvement here, but Democrats as a rule always want to raise taxes everywhere and anywhere.  So Republicans, whether Trump or McCain or Romney or whoever, get the nod here as being the lesser evil.

Spending: This is a tough call because Trump makes a lot of crazy promises about building walls, and I think he mentioned increased military spending in one of his rants. He’s running what amounts to a sort of right wing populist campaign, and part of that entails promising to keep the gravy train flowing for entitlements that are popular among middle class whites like social security and medicare.  So I’d have to assume spending will continue to balloon out of control during a Trump administration.  But again, just look at the alternative.  Has Shillery ever found a welfare program or a weapon or a foreign government/rebellion she didn’t want to fund with the money Washington loots from its subjects?  If you want spending to grow less fast, then Trump is your man.

Police State:  They’re both horrible.  They both favor a giant police state.  I’m still giving a slight edge to Donald Trump because at least he’s not threatening to disarm us.  He’s also less likely to start wars which the government always use as an excuse to clamp down on dissent and increase surveillance.

Culture/Education: Trump’s a loud obnoxious vulgar clown.  But I do applaud his efforts to reduce the effect of political correctness on our lives.  Hilla the Hun on the other hand seems like she’d continue down the path of the SJW takeover of our entire educational system and media.  Dare to criticize a minority?  Refuse to bake a cake for a LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ wedding?  Say something nice about a dead white male?  Not on Hillary’s watch!

Immigration: I know many so called “left libertarians” will disagree with me here, but I’m in favor of a massive reduction in immigration to the United States.  Sure, if we had no welfare and the regime respected property rights 100%, we could have open borders. Hell, there would be no reason for any border in the first place and the regime in DC would have no reason to exist or any way to fund itself.  Yay!  But that’s not the world we live in. Current US immigration policy is to import as many people as possible from anywhere on the planet and force us all to subsidize it.  Obomber even bombed the hell out of a few formerly respectable Arab countries to encourage the survivors to leave and move here.

I don’t know about you, but I can do without a “Little Mogadishu” or a “Little Honduras” sprouting up in my town.  Or are you a half-libertarian, half-SJW who thinks you can give some Salvadoran peasant a copy of The Road to Serfdom and get him to vote for Gary Johnson?  Trump wants less immigration.  He actually seems naive enough to think the US government should take care of people form the US rather than the people from Central America.  To be clear I don’t favor his promise to round up and deport millions of people already here, but I certainly would support cutting off any federal benefits they receive as well as efforts to reduce the numbers coming in.

Hillary wants more immigrants, she wants them to eventually vote Democrat, she doesn’t care what local communities think about it, and she wants to force American tax victims to pay for it.

Foreign Policy: Killery is probably tied with John McCain for the most unhinged warmonger to ever win a major party’s nomination for president.  The last time she pretended to disapprove of a war was over 40 years ago and no one had heard of her yet. Oh, and she pretended to regret supporting the Iraq War for a brief period in 2007-08 I think. But other than that has there eve been a war she didn’t want to plunge America into? She badgered her husband into intervening in the Balkans and bombing Serbia.  Not to mention the periodic bombing of Iraq in the 1990s and the sanctions that killed half a million children.  She voted for Bush’s Iraq war.  Supposedly “serving” under the weak kneed Obama, she masterminded the Libyan disaster.  She got the US to help finance the Syrian mess that continues to this day.  She’s probably more responsible for the rise of ISIS than any other person outside of the Muslim world.  She let her underlings overthrow the Ukrainian government and ruined that country. She compared Putin to Hitler (as if Putin’s responsible for as many deaths as she and her husband are).  This is a woman who would probably consider an actual war against Russia just to overthrow the Syrian government or prop up some unpopular regime in Georgia or Ukraine.  And don’t even get me started on her obedience to Israel.

Trump is far from perfect.  He’s consistently threatened to “smash ISIS” whatever exactly that means.  And he’s pledged allegiance to Israel.  But he’s wholeheartedly condemned the recent wars in Iraq and Libya.  He’s questioned the need for NATO.  He’s repeatedly come out against Nation Building and unnecessary wars in general  No matter how bad he turns out to be on Foreign Policy I am 99.9999% sure he’d be less bad than Hitlery.

Conclusion: I can’t say I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump.  Even with my low expectations it’s certainly possible he could still disappoint a libertarian who is feeling any sympathy for his candidacy.  But on every issue, Hillary Clinton is the antithesis of everything a freedom loving American should believe in.

Unfortunately my prediction is Hillary will win (or possibly steal) the election.  But hey, maybe I’m wrong.  I thought Trump would be out of the GOP race in February.

Bernie Sanders defends the right to hunt

Guns are pretty popular in rural white Vermont.  So Bernie Sanders has never been able to call for a total ban.  But this quote where he basically wants to outlaw any that aren’t used for hunting is kind of amusing.  The constitution specifically protects a right to bear arms, which the socialist from Brooklyn clearly wants to “infringe.”  But I don’t recall anything about hunting rights in there which he is steadfastly determined to protect.

I hope if Bernie ever gets secret service protection, his bodyguards are limited to shotguns and rifles (and they must not be “assault” rifles).  And I hope they leave them at home unless Sanders decides to go hunting.

Why are some plants illegal?

I don’t necessarily buy the death totals in this image I copied from twitter, but certainly tobacco and alcohol are bad for you.  They are also much more likely to kill you.  So the question is, how long before the legal (in certain states) marijuana industry is centralized enough that they can lobby Congress or the White House to remove the Federal ban?

Unfortunately that is probably what it will take.  The regime can’t enforce their own edicts when it comes to banning what is literally a “weed” so local governments have been ignoring them for years.  However, our overlords have no real incentive to change anything as long as the beer companies and tobacco companies have money while the marijuana trade is still mainly in the hands of local mom and pop outfits.  Once a single player captures over 50% of the legal market in the states like Colorado and Washington that have come to their senses on this issue, then maybe the campaign contributions can start flowing and DC will finally remove this ridiculous prohibition.

Of course then they’ll institute a bunch of onerous regulations and taxes putting the small businesses that deal in cannabis out of business.  It’s kind of a lose-lose situation for all the potheads out there.  But at least with legal, “regulated” marijuana available, they won’t wind up in jail or have their career prospects ruined for possessing a plant that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan didn’t like. It will still be a step in the right direction.