Coolest kid in the world

This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read.  This kid hacked all the top US spooks a couple years ago, harassed them and their families, and proved that the trillion dollar intelligence apparatus used to spy on the world and keep the US Deep State in power can be hacked by a teenager from his bedroom.

Free Kane Gamble!  And as Lew Rockwell says, Give him a fucking medal!

FBI foils terror plot in San Fransisco?

Did the Feds take a break from trying to overthrow Trump and actually stop a crime from happening?  Doubtful.  This article doesn’t give much info, but my guess is this whole thing was an FBI setup.  They most likely egged this idiot on, gave him phony explosives, and then arrested him claiming to be heroes.  That’s normally how these “investigations” go.  Actual terrorist attacks don’t get foiled so easily.  I’m not aware of the FBI ever stopping someone unless they were the ones planning it.

Can’t say I feel sorry for this guy though:

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Good for Rand Paul

He’s trying to block some lawyer for the merchants-of-death from being appointed as Assistant Attorney General over privacy concerns.  Seems Trump’s nominee is anti-4th amendment and would be in a position to issue warrants to allow even more mass surveillance of innocent people.

This quote in favor of the nominee and mass spying in general really gets me:

“I think it should be a top priority, especially with all that’s occurring in the national security space right now, to have someone senior and approved by the Senate filling such an important role,” – Josh Geltzer, formerly a lawyer in the front office of the National Security Division

I’m so sick of this non-argument that “right now” at this very instant, the world is so dangerous that we have to be spied on twenty-four hours a day to protect us from the evil Emanuel Goldstein or Osama Bin Laden or ISIS or North Korea or Iran or Putin or whatever Cable News thinks I should be scared of.  You see in the past people managed to survive without mass surveillance, but that’s because everybody everywhere was super peaceful and there was never any turmoil anywhere in the world.  Not like today.

Freedom for Catalonia

Despite the central government in Madrid sending in their stormtroopers to rough up peaceful voters, the Catalans voted for independence from Spain.  Good for them.

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Similar to the the failed Scottish independence referendum a few years ago, we hear from conservatives that the politicians who would rule Catalonia are Leftists that want to remain in the EU.  Since Leftism and the EU are bad, they should stay part of Spain.  Nonsense. It’s not like Spain is thinking about leaving the EU anyway.  The Catalans are valuable to Spain because they pay more in Federal taxes than they get back in government spending.  They’re richer than the rest of Spain so that seems to be why the government of Mariano Rajoy has chosen violent suppression rather than persuasion like we saw in the UK for both Brexit and Scottish Independence.

Of course even if they were dirt poor, I doubt very much they would be let go. Governments rarely allow people under their control to leave peacefully if they can stop it.  I just don’t think Madrid would be acting quite so desperate as they seem now to stop secession were Catalonia not the most prosperous region of their realm.

Well get used to it.  There will be much more of this in the years to come.  The various ethnic and linguistic groups in Europe, the true “Nations” on that continent rather than the multicultural States we know today, will increasingly look to go their own way.  And some will seek to leave the European Union.

I’m totally in favor of this, and I hope it can be done peacefully.  An independent Catalonia or Flanders or Venice isn’t worth dying for.  But it’s certainly worth fighting for.  Smaller states are more responsive to the will of their citizens, they tend to stay out of unnecessary foreign wars, and they waste a lot less money.

There is no reason why the borders of the various tax jurisdictions across the Western world currently in place have to stay in place forever.  That includes the USA.

Kneeling for the Anthem

Let me preface this by saying I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the thugs of the NFL who are claiming to be oppressed while being paid millions of dollars to play a game.  In fact I’m downright hostile to them.

In recent years there was a growing awareness among all Americans that the police in this country did not respect our rights and were swiftly becoming militarized along the lines of an occupying force rather than the peacekeepers they claimed to be.  Then Obama, the Democrats, and their media allies turned it into a racial issue for political reasons.  Cops, whether black, white, or whatever, came to represent white people.  And we were all told the only people they abused were poor innocent blacks.  Too many whites became reflexively defensive and now we’ve lost any progress we may have made among those on the right that had finally come to distrust the state and its armed enforcers.

Never mind that George Zimmerman wasn’t white or a cop.  Never mind that whites are more likely to be shot when encountered by police than blacks.  Never mind that there are more whites shot by police than blacks.  Never mind that half the time there’s some black criminal shot by a cop, the cop is not white.  None of that matters.  It’s cops=white people=oppressors and blacks are always innocent and oppressed.  This is mostly nonsense, but somehow people who reject this narrative feel they must always and everywhere defend law enforcement simply because Black Lives Matters hates cops.

So I thoroughly reject the reasoning Colin Kaepernick and his brain damaged followers in the NFL have for protesting the national anthem prior to their games.  But I disagree with Trump’s denouncement of them as well.

There is no reason to play the Star Spangled Banner before sporting events.  It’s tradition, but it’s a tradition that came out of support for war.  It’s a weird song anyway.  It’s written about a battle in an unnecessary war that took place 200 years ago.  What other country has a war hymn preaching reverence for the government’s flag as their official anthem?

Professional sports leagues since 9/11, particularly the NFL, have turned the minutes immediately prior to the start of the game into flag worshiping ceremonies where everyone applauds the government’s troops for killing foreigners.  Having some pop singer screech out the national anthem is the centerpiece of this disgusting spectacle.

I don’t support war.  I don’t support the government.  As many Americans have come to equate the flag as a symbol for the government and its Military, rather than what used to be an actual Nation consisting of a free people, I no longer want to sing a song about it.  So I can’t condemn anyone for not wanting to stand at attention for the Star Spangled Banner.

Your tax dollars at work

The NSA created a hacking method which was stolen and used to wreak worldwide havoc yesterday, shutting down computer systems for hospitals, private companies, and foreign governments.  The hackers demanded ransom from millions of people all over the globe if they wanted to regain access to their computers.

So even though this couldn’t have happened without the NSA designing cyber weapons to potentially terrorize people all over Earth, I think it’s clear we need to invest more heavily in the secretive NSA so they can continue developing these weapons to protect us against the evil Russians.

Good for Obama

He commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence so hopefully the former Army private will be free in a few months.  Of course Obama’s the one that locked him up in the first place and had him sentenced to a ridiculous 35 years in a government dungeon.  So I won’t give our outgoing Emperor too much credit.  But at least Manning can go home and try to enjoy the rest of his life.  He should be treated as a hero for exposing the US State’s crimes.  He’s certainly not a criminal.

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The long hot summer is over

Image result for charlotte riotsSummer has come to an end and residents of American urban centers can only hope they will get a reprieve from the recent epidemic of riots. It seems cops can’t even shoot a black man without more violent “protests” breaking out.  Black on black gun violence just isn’t acceptable if one of them has a badge.

I guess the cops will have to stick to shooting white people. That continues to fly under the radar.

Black cop kills unarmed white man

In fact it was a handicapped, deaf, unarmed white man whom he pulled over for speeding. Apparently Jermaine Saunders, the officer of African descent, shot him immediately after he exited his car following the traffic stop.  It seems this latest victim of state sanctioned violence may have been trying to communicate via sign language.  This made the nervous North Carolina trooper fear for his precious blue life so he opened fire.

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I assume Emperor Obama is getting ready to make a statement on this latest atrocity.  After all, if he had a son, he would look like the cop.  So it’s very relevant to him.

I also fear for the city of Charlotte.  Surely all the whites who live there won’t stand for this injustice and will begin setting cars on fire and looting local businesses.

Oh wait…