Wealthy Democrat entertainers to receive millions in Federal loot

This is what happens when you give the most powerful government in history the ability to create money out of thin air. You get politicians handing out money to insanely wealthy supporters.

Hamilton will receive up to $50 million in coronavirus relief. This despite grossing $650 million before on Broadway alone. Broadway, in general, has gone along with all the insane Democrat lockdown policies. Now we know why. They were promised loot from the Feds to make up for it.

Remember this type of thing when your grocery bill keeps getting higher or it costs you $20 more to fill up your tank than this time last year.

Trump’s legacy

It sucks. Here were his big 3 issues:

Less immigration: He did nothing to limit it in any significant way. If it does slow down it will be because governors have destroyed the economies of the states most attractive to immigrants. It won’t be because of anything Trump did.

Trade war with China. It doesn’t matter what tariffs or other policies that were, or were not implemented. China seems to be open for business and has moved on from COVID. Meanwhile, trump allowed Fauci to convince local politicians to implement policies in the USA which have shut down much of the economy. China is in a much stronger position relative to the US than it was when Trump assumed office.

Ending the wars. He hasn’t ended any. Troops are still in all the countries they were in when he was inaugurated.

So basically it was a disaster. He allowed his political enemies to institute totalitarianism on a level never before seen in the USA while not following through on any of his campaign promises. He also killed even the idea of fiscal responsibility once and for all. We now have unlimited spending/inflation as the standard operating procedure of government.

Were there any positives? Yes.

He exposed the media for the propagandists they are. Half the country refuses to believe anything they say and that’s a good thing.

He refused to escalate the situation in Syria and avoided a large war that would have involved Russia and Iran.

He convinced the right in this country to be antiwar. Let’s hope that lasts.

Is there anything he can do over the last few weeks to make his legacy slightly better? Yes.

Pardon Snowden and Assange. Pull all troops out of Afghanistan.

Will he do anything over the last few weeks that make his legacy slightly better? Not likely.

Sometimes I don’t understand Americans

To be fair, I’m never sure I should trust a USA Today/Ipsos Poll. But if these results are an accurate reflection on what Americans think about Trump’s handling of Iran, I simply don’t understand the thought process of many people in the United States.

The poll states the following: 52% of respondents said Trump was acting “reckless”. 42% of Americans supported the assassination of Qasen Soleimani while only 33% opposed it. 63% said it was more likely to lead to terrorist attacks on the USA and 62% said it made war with Iran more likely.

So this means you had some people say the assassination made war and terrorism inside the USA more likely but they didn’t oppose it. Are there really that many people out there who want war with Iran so bad they’re glad Trump is provoking it? They’re also ok with terrorist attacks as long as it means the US and Iran are at war?

You also had some people say Trump was reckless but didn’t oppose the assassination so they’re not even sure what he was being reckless about.

Anyway, if this poll is accurate, it is a case against Democracy.

Fed Chairwoman “afraid” of Donald Trump

So says some “strategist” on NBC.

I’m sure she is.  He’s not the typical brain dead puppet like Bush or Obama who just goes along with whatever the Banksters tell him.  He seems to actually have at least a basic understanding of what the Fed does and how it affects the economy.Image result for yellen crazyMy prediction: The Fed will raise rates after the election.  They’ll have to.  It will crash the markets and we’ll have a bad recession.

If it’s President Trump, the Fed will have nothing to lose so they’ll do it sooner than if Hillary wins. Trump will be blamed for bringing “instability” to the economy.  He’ll nominate someone else and eventually replace Yellen.  Whether he gets someone in there that will be at least somewhat responsible with the interest rates remains to be seen.  I honestly can’t even guess what he’ll do.

If Killery wins they’ll do a very small rate increase.  They’ll say we were “due for a recession” so it’s not her fault when the markets crash and people start losing their jobs.  If things don’t turn around to where the government can claim GDP growth or lower unemployment in time for her re-election campaign, they’ll fuel another bubble with negative interest rates.  Clinton will renominate Yellen if Yellen still wants the job. Otherwise she’ll nominate whoever is next in line from the board of governors.

How’s that for a prediction!

Why DC conservatives are uesless

Here is what Joseph Antos, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, had to say about Obamacare, now that major insurance carriers like Aetna are dropping out:

“The idea of somehow repealing it is far-fetched,”

For those not familiar with it, the AEI is a conservative think tank located in Washington, D.C.

This law went into effect less than three years ago.  Once something’s been enacted by Congress and gotten past the two year mark, does that mean we have to live with it forever??? It must be “conserved”???  According to establishment conservatives, the answer is yes.

Let’s hope Trump’s takeover of the GOP either pushes political conservatism in new directions or just kills the movement completely.  What good is it doing now?  The DC think tanks accept any new programs passed by Democrats.  They simply want to “tweak” things a little bit so that maybe they cost a little less.

And they want to start more wars.  And give more money to Israel.

Americans need an actual opposition party to the regime in Washington.  Not the McCain-Romney-Ryan axis of stupidity we’ve got now.