Wal-Mart Strike

My prediction is 99.99% of shoppers who visit Walmart the day after Thanksgiving will have no idea there is any kind of strike going on.

I love how Unions think there is a lot of sympathy for these poor Walmart employees. I don’t think that’s the case. People don’t want to pay a lot more for their consumer goods so someone who stocks shelves can make more money. Maybe when the economy is in a boom cycle there are more people willing to sympathize with this type of argument, but not in a depression like we currently find ourselves.

Besides, all a Union would do is put Walmart at a competitive disadvantage against Target so you’d have to have all discount retailers collude and agree to unionize or it wouldn’t work (or I guess the government could force them to do it). That would lead to higher prices of course. But it would also protect the people who were lucky enough to have jobs at the time the Union was formed while making it harder for others to gain employment.

More Hurricane Sandy Nonsense

The Hill website has a story analyzing the presidential politics of Hurricane Sandy. The experts all agree Obama will get a “boost” by seeming “presidential.” Of particular interest is how he gets to pal around with the Republican favorite Chris Christie who’s been heaping praise on him.

Big F**king Deal. What’s hilarious however is this line:

the president visited the Red Cross, where he declared that his “message to the federal government” was “no bureaucracy, no red tape.”

Does this guy believe the bullsh*t that comes out of his mouth? His whole purpose in life is to increase bureaucracy and create more red tape. Has he read any of the thousands of pages in the Dodd-Frank or Obamacare bills he’s signed? Has he read anything put out by all his regulatory agencies?

For a more interesting perspective, head over to the Lewrockwell blog. Tom DiLorenzo makes the obvious point about flood insurance

That’s the “moral hazard” effect of federal flood insurance. If all those people whose homes on the beach in NY and NJ have been flooded out had to pay free-market rates for flood insurance instead of incredibly cheap, federally-subsidized flood insurance, very, very few of them would build expensive homes in the paths of hurricanes. Everyone else’s insurance rates go up in order to subsidize the beneficiaries of federal flood insurance. Having caused all that housing devastation, the government (i.e., Obama) now plays Santa Claus with the president appearing in New Jersey today to promise fat checks all around a week before the election. Perfect.

Seems like common sense, but I guarantee you won’t hear this idea anywhere on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, Washington Post, etc.