Backlash against tyranny

I’m not exactly trying to justify the storming of the Capitol Building because I think it’s counterproductive and I don’t actually support it. The State will use it to further punish dissent.

But it’s worth understanding why it happened.

The number one issue is the lockdowns. In their never-ending lust for power, the ruling elite in this country has stripped millions of people of their livelihoods, their friends, their extended families, and any other outlet to focus their energy on (sports, entertainment, church, etc.) People have become isolated and super focused on politics. Many in DC right now probably think they have nothing to lose and (mistakenly) believe Trump is their only hope. All this to unsuccessfully fight a disease that mainly affects the sick and elderly. Some kind of blowback from this disastrous policy was inevitable.

People have lost faith in our elections. In the name of fighting COVID most states completely overhauled the way their citizens can vote. Millions of more ballots were cast than ever before, most through the mail. This was ripe for abuse and fraud and half the country, rightly or wrongly believe this election was stolen.

The Deep State has been trying to undermine Trump since before his inauguration. They accused him of being a Russian agent based on lies, locked up many of his trusted allies, and even impeached him for a phone call where he asked for an investigation of someone who was already being investigated. His supporters obviously don’t feel their choice for President was ever given an opportunity to govern.

The Media, Democrat party (or do I repeat myself) and Hollywood has spent the last 5 years telling half the country that they’re stupid, racist, deplorables because they didn’t support the policies preferred by our ruling class. Not exactly a message intended to bring unity.

And finally, the Media, Democrats, and Hollywood all celebrated left-wing violence throughout the summer in the name of fighting racism. They shamed and in some cases prosecuted people who tried to protect themselves. If you support one mob, don’t be surprised when another mob forms to fight back.

Trump’s legacy

It sucks. Here were his big 3 issues:

Less immigration: He did nothing to limit it in any significant way. If it does slow down it will be because governors have destroyed the economies of the states most attractive to immigrants. It won’t be because of anything Trump did.

Trade war with China. It doesn’t matter what tariffs or other policies that were, or were not implemented. China seems to be open for business and has moved on from COVID. Meanwhile, trump allowed Fauci to convince local politicians to implement policies in the USA which have shut down much of the economy. China is in a much stronger position relative to the US than it was when Trump assumed office.

Ending the wars. He hasn’t ended any. Troops are still in all the countries they were in when he was inaugurated.

So basically it was a disaster. He allowed his political enemies to institute totalitarianism on a level never before seen in the USA while not following through on any of his campaign promises. He also killed even the idea of fiscal responsibility once and for all. We now have unlimited spending/inflation as the standard operating procedure of government.

Were there any positives? Yes.

He exposed the media for the propagandists they are. Half the country refuses to believe anything they say and that’s a good thing.

He refused to escalate the situation in Syria and avoided a large war that would have involved Russia and Iran.

He convinced the right in this country to be antiwar. Let’s hope that lasts.

Is there anything he can do over the last few weeks to make his legacy slightly better? Yes.

Pardon Snowden and Assange. Pull all troops out of Afghanistan.

Will he do anything over the last few weeks that make his legacy slightly better? Not likely.

Color Revolutions

Is the attempt to overthrow Trump, an example of a “Color Revolution” that was common under the Bush and Obama regimes? That’s the talking point that’s been circulating in some right wing outlets. It’s gotten enough attention that the mainstream media (i.e. left wing outlets) have deemed it necessary to respond.

This piece of propaganda is laughable. It almost makes you think this is part of the very color revolution under way that they claim isn’t happening.

First off they quote someone from the Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement. Yes, someone working for an outlet named after the nominee for president of the Democrat Party running against Trump is the expert they turn to. He accuses anyone floating this theory as nothing more than recycling Russian talking points.

There’s some more pearl clutching from globalist think tankers explaining to the zombies that get their news from Yahoo! that Color revolutions are just popular uprisings against evil autocratic regimes and are 100% wonderful and full or rainbows and sunshine and everything nice.

But then we get to the last few paragraphs a bit of truth slips through. A Twitter feed from a Canadian journalist had this to say:

U.S. support for these movements does not take the form of CIA machinations but rather federal funding of the National Endowment for Democracy and various other NGOs, including foundations associated with Soros, according to MacKinnon. This is not the “deep state,” he said, but “more like a scattered collection of do-gooders who have a bunch of money to give out to organizations that promote ideas like fair elections and independent media around the world.”

So it does seem as though the US government and the biggest globalist on the planet, George Soros, are in fact funding these color revolutions. And they take the form of “popular protests” against pro-Russian regimes the they don’t like. And we’re supposed to believe Trump is very pro-Russian and in fact Russia stole the election for him. And Black Lives Matter, which is very well funded, has been holding protests/riots for months now directed at Trump.

And here’s an article from Slate back in 2004 (when George W Bush was literally Hitler) explaining that the NED was created to continue funding opposition groups that the US regime favored after the CIA got some bad press and wasn’t allowed to directly fund these groups anymore. So basically it exists to provide cover to the CIA’s meddling in foreign countries, attempting to overthrow certain governments.

But what happened in Iran, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Syria, etc. could never happen in the USA right?

Does the American State have a legitimacy crisis?

We hear this every so often that the US is on the verge of breaking up. Most people usually dismiss it, and in fact, when you’re dealing with the most powerful State in the history of the world, it does seem hard to believe it can just cease to exist or even lose any significant physical territory. However, each time it comes up in public debate, it seems a little more realistic, a little more closer to reality. All empires end. When will this one have run its course?

When you combine COVID, the attempted Deep State coup against Trump, the media’s descent into being nothing but a Democrat Party propaganda machine, and the race war our political establishment is currently trying to foment, the USA seems to have taken a big step forward toward eventual dissolution. I think most conservatives, libertarians, and politically right-leaning Americans currently living in red states, may indeed welcome a breakup from the D.C. establishment and the Democratic Party.

James Bovard wrote a very interesting piece today. Here are a few of the better quotes:

The election will occur amidst the vast economic devastation inflicted by a political class that responded to COVID by seizing almost unlimited power. And Deep State federal agencies have already proven that they will trample the law to sabotage election results. 

Delayed election results and potentially millions of disputed ballots could minimize support for whoever is designated the next president. 

What’s the point of voting for politicians who merely need to invoke dubious statistical extrapolations to sow death and economic devastation?

Deep State federal agencies are a Godzilla that have established their prerogative to undermine if not overturn election results. The FBI has achieved saint-like status among many liberals for its efforts to topple Trump. 

Unfortunately, both Democrats and Republicans appear willing to bankrupt the nation to perpetuate their own power.

It’s not a very long article, and I encourage everyone to read the whole thing here.

Excess deaths update 7.27.20

CDC data indicate 3 weeks in a row with a slight increase in COVID deaths even as overall and excess deaths have continued to decline. We need to keep an eye on this. If this trend continues it certainly suggests one of these possibilities:

  1. They’re inflating COVID deaths. Someone dies of an underlying or unrelated condition and they slap a COVID label on it because they had a positive test or some flu-like symptoms.
  2. Most of the death count back in April and May consisted of sick and elderly people who died a few weeks or months earlier because they caught COVID than they would have without it. So with less of the “usual” dying people in July, the overall deaths continue to decline and we’re not seeing much of an “excess” despite a few thousand people dying from COVID each week.

Or it could be a combination of the two. Or the data could update and we’ll see a rise in overall deaths at some point. But we need to watch this closely because the media presents everything about this virus in the worst light possible.

I don’t support the BLM protests

I don’t support the police. I don’t think they should exist in their current state-enforced monopoly at all. I think it’s an immoral profession. But I also don’t support the current protesters, even the peaceful ones. I know they have a right to protest, but I don’t need to support every protest in the world as if protests are automatically good for their own sake.

  1. The whole premise of these protests is simply not true. There is no epidemic of cops shooting black people. They shoot more white people than they do black people. It’s just that the media won’t cover it. Considering our current police system basically sends cops out into our streets to look for trouble (majority of “crimes” are nonviolent) rather than protect property it’s inevitable that they’ll end up killing people unnecessarily. It’s a bad system. But the protesters are acting like cops are running around hunting black people while never bothering whites and that’s just not true.
  2. I’m not responsible for anything cops do because I’m white. The protesters seem to think otherwise. This is just ridiculous on its face and I refuse to give it any credence to it whatsoever.
  3. As everyone knows there are massive riots going on all over the country. So yeah, maybe the majority of protesters are peaceful, but the violent thugs looting stores are using them as cover. So guess what, nothing good is going to come out of your protests. You’re not going to help black communities or get any reform of police powers in this country. In fact, it’s the opposite. You’re going to destroy all the communities, regardless of demographics, where your protests taking place allowing looters to destroy everything in sight. And the cops are going to come out of this with bigger budgets and more manpower than before.

But at least some people feel good about it. It’s all about feeling like you’re doing something good. Consequences be damned.

CNN attacked

CNN likes to pretend they’re on the side of “protesters” like we’ve seen rioting the last few days. They rarely miss a chance to stoke race hatred and drive hysteria that they think will hurt Trump or Republicans, or sometimes just white people in general.

Well, maybe they’re getting a taste of their own medicine.

Hospitals overburdened?

To follow up on an earlier post questioning the numbers and how it made little sense that hospitals were being overcrowded with Corona patients, it appears some people are posting pictures from hospitals showing empty emergency rooms.

I know some internet pictures and videos don’t necessarily disprove the narrative being pushed on us. But you would think if these hospitals really resembled the war zones we’re being told they are the mainstream media would have some footage to back up the hysteria. Instead, we’re starting to see the opposite.

How can people not be skeptical about the coronavirus narrative???

Just think about this logically. No one would likely know there is a virus going around if the media and government weren’t inundating with hysterical news coverage and press conferences 24 hours a day and forcing us to stay in our homes under threat of public ostracism and possible legal consequences. Were you the least bit worried about this disease three weeks ago?

We were told when this started that millions might die. That hasn’t materialized. As I write this the death count in the US so far is 859. And many of those are probably elderly people with serious preexisting conditions who weren’t likely to live much longer anyway. Now they may say the lockdowns worked and that’s why no one died, but I’m not sure why I should believe that. This whole self-quarantine thing is just supposed to spread out the epidemic so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. So if not that many people die, it seems like maybe this disease wasn’t so serious. And why would it overwhelm the hospital if it’s less deadly than the flu? We’re told many more people die of the flu, but this has a higher death rate? So that means that there must be fewer cases. It can’t all be true. There have to be some lies in there somewhere.

We also have all these people testing positive that have no symptoms, but they can spread the disease. This means going forward the authorities can declare a perfectly healthy person a “carrier” of some future disease they discover down the line and lock them up for the good of society or at least limit their ability to travel.

We can also blame the economic collapse on this virus rather than the huge bubbles inflated by the world’s central banks and the out of control spending by our corrupt rulers. So of course we have to bail out the big companies and give the banks “liquidity.” They could never have foreseen the Coronavirus! How convenient!

We’re also told that all this social distancing we’ve been told is necessary is the “new normal.” Think about that. Something no one ever heard of two weeks ago is now how we must live our lives possibly forever. We can never have face to face meetings anymore. Everything must be done online. And of course, the NSA can track everything online. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

We no longer have the right to assembly it seems. So no more tea parties or Occupy Wall Street protests. That does seem to benefit the elite, the people who are about to get trillions of dollars handed to them to bail out their industries from this supposed pandemic. No angry populist rallies for unapproved politicians running for office. No more voting in person. Guess we’ll have to vote online or through the mail which will have to be done on the Federal level. It will be much more convenient and make us safe from germs. It will also be much easier to fix, but again that’s the price we have to pay to not die of some disease that we normally wouldn’t even worry about.

No more church. I mean I guess you can worship on the internet, but somehow I don’t think that will appeal to many people. So people will lose their faith in God. That just happens to remove a competing authority to the State.

How will we have family formations? All of our relationships will be online. Will single people be afraid to meet in person? How will they FUCK? How are we going to reproduce? Is it all artificial inseminations? Are fathers to be completely kept out of the children’s lives? Again, that seems like one more possible authority figure that isn’t the government removed from the equation.

All of this seems way too convenient for our power-hungry overlords. When you start hearing about this being the “new normal,” keep these ideas in mind.