Sick of Justin Amash

Let me preface this by saying he almost always voted the way a libertarian would want him to in Congress. If the entire Congress voted as he did during his tenure, we’d be in a much better place from my perspective. The Empire would have ended, all troops would have come home, the budget would have shrunk down to a tiny fraction of where it is now, the police state would have been greatly curtailed, and the Federal Reserve would have at least been audited.

But I just can’t get behind the guy as the standard-bearer of the Libertarian Party. I think it would be a disaster if he was the presidential nominee in 2024. He seems determined to alienate every person who doesn’t despise Trump as much as he does. He’s basically writing off tens of millions of Americans who currently hate the federal government as crazy idiots or worse, rather than trying to recruit them to libertarianism.

He’s really an uninspiring politician. He gives boring answers to questions that sound like he just finished reading some Reason Magazine article to the subjects at hand. While he’s against the lockdowns, he rarely talks about them. As best I can tell his vision of the LP is to reach out to the Paul Ryan wing of the Republican party. The old “socially liberal economically conservative” nonsense. Not happy with Trumpism but still hate the Democrats? Join Justin in the more moderate Libertarian Party. I hate to break it to him, but those guys aren’t giving up on the GOP just yet.

Could Justin Amash get more votes than Gary Johnson in 2016? Maybe. Depends on what the GOP does between now and then I guess.

Will he inspire anyone? Will he use any of the energy currently growing inside the LP among the more radical elements to actually spread a message of Liberty? I seriously doubt it.