I love Tulsi Gabbard

She may be a left wing Democrat, but she’s bravely taking an independent stance against the Washington warmongers in both parties.  Tulsi has picked up the banner left behind by former congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and is calling for peace.  No more funding for terrorists.  Stop taking sides in every damn foreign war on this planet.

Good for Obama

He commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence so hopefully the former Army private will be free in a few months.  Of course Obama’s the one that locked him up in the first place and had him sentenced to a ridiculous 35 years in a government dungeon.  So I won’t give our outgoing Emperor too much credit.  But at least Manning can go home and try to enjoy the rest of his life.  He should be treated as a hero for exposing the US State’s crimes.  He’s certainly not a criminal.

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Emperor Obama allows meaningless anti-Israel UN resolution to pass

Here’s a good analysis of the whole thing at the Intercept.  They point out that both Papa Bush and Bush Junior let a number of these worthless resolutions get through the UN. This is Obama’s first.  So despite the rhetoric coming from the Israelis and their neocon allies in America, Obama’s been steadfast in his support of the Israeli regime and their violation of so called “international law.”

The resolution does nothing to stop Israel from continuing to build Jewish settlements on what most governments, including the Washington regime before and during Obama’s presidency, consider to be the home of a future Palestinian state.  It basically just says they should stop.  It carries absolutely no consequences for non-compliance.

I agree with Obama’s decision to abstain from the vote and to not veto it.  Trump of course rushed to Israel’s defense along with Chuck Schumer, John McCain, and Paul Ryan saying the veto should have been used.  One of the most disappointing aspects of Trump so far has been his subservience to Bibi Netanyahu.

Here’s how I propose the US handle these types of issues moving forward:

  1. Exit the UN, cut off funding, and kick them out of the United States.
  2. Barring item number 1, abstain from every single vote.
  3. Only use veto power on resolutions that authorize economic sanctions or the use of force.  In those cases veto every single one.

The end.

Warmongering Hillary

Of course this isn’t a Trump add.  It’s something put together by Infowars.  A site normally dismissed by all “respectable” people in the world.  I doubt it will be seen by many people who are actually considering voting for Killary.

Still, I’m reminded of some history lesson I taught myself (my public school education didn’t discuss such matters) regarding the 1964 election.  Here’s an official LBJ campaign add that aired on NBC at a time when that network commanded at least 1/3 of the US television audience.

So it’s nice to see the Democrats getting a small taste of their own medicine.  This ad was the start of their successful attempt to brand themselves as the party of peace despite getting this country embroiled in war after war after war after war.

The Democrats have been a party of war for over a century.  LBJ himself, after releasing this ad and defeating Barry Goldwater in a landslide, escalated Vietnam to a point where close to 60,000 Americans and millions of Indochinese were slaughtered for no reason. With the exception of a brief interlude in the 1970s McGovern and Jimmy Carter era, they never met a war they didn’t like.  The Republicans have usually been terrible on the issue of war and peace, at least since Nixon.  But the Democrats have managed to brainwash the last few generations of Americans into believing they are somehow less bellicose, less likely to engage in needless overseas violence, and less likely to start World War III. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s nice to see Republicans, with the advent of Trump, at least paying some lip service to the notion that avoiding war is actually good.  We need it now more than ever as Hillary Clinton is the most unhinged warmonger outside John McCain to win a major party’s nomination in my lifetime.  Even with a Democrat presidential victory, perhaps some members of the GOP can learn from Trump’s dominant Primary campaign and actually oppose further aggression against Syria, Russia, China, Iran, or whoever the latest bogeyman turns out to be.

The USA needs an actual opposition party to the War Party.  We haven’t had one in a very long time.