NJ LTC deaths

Interesting that total confirmed deaths are up 96. Total reported LTC deaths are up 46. Total confirmed LTC deaths are up 153. I wonder if LTC confirmed will eventually just catch up to LTC reported. Murphy may have bought himself some time with that 1,100 reduction from earlier this week, but the amount of deaths he caused with his COVID nursing home policy is going to catch up with him. I mean 4,500 deaths should be bad enough for a non-evil person to at least apologize, but the number will almost certainly be over 5,000 and maybe even 6,000 when all is said and done. These governors loved hyping the death counts to justify their lockdowns, but their own policies were directly causing half the deaths!

Of course, Phil Murphy is in fact an evil tyrant, just like his partner in crime across the river Andrew Cuomo. They will never apologize because they don’t care. They don’t care if they killed your grandma. They don’t care if they destroyed your business. They don’t care if a friend or family member commits suicide or develops a drug addiction due to the effects of the lockdown. They don’t care if an “elective” surgery gets delayed to the point of causing permanent injury or even death.

They are sociopaths who only care about enhancing their own power.

5/6/2020    8,549                     4,261 49.8%
5/7/2020    8,549                     4,261 49.8%
5/8/2020    8,801                     4,556 51.8%
5/9/2020    8,952                     4,691 52.4%
5/10/2020    9,116                     4,825 52.9%
5/11/2020    9,255                     4,855 52.5%
5/12/2020    9,310                     4,890 52.5%
5/13/2020    9,508                     4,953 52.1%
5/14/2020    9,702                     5,016 51.7%
5/15/2020  10,138                     5,259 51.9%
5/16/2020  10,138                     5,259 51.9%
5/17/2020  10,249                     5,319 51.9%
5/18/2020  10,356                     5,376 51.9%
5/19/2020  10,435                     5,408 51.8%
5/20/2020  10,586                     5,368 50.7%                    4,295
5/21/2020  10,747                     5,410 50.3%                    4,349
5/22/2020  10,843                     5,456 50.3%                    4,502

Turning a corner?

Worldometers reported an increase in deaths yesterday compared to Tuesday, but still much lower than previous Wednesdays. Clearly looks like a downward trend for this week and any daily increases are likely due to the way dates are reported on the site:

They’re also reporting less active cases yesterday compared to Monday. If known active cases are not growing or even declining that is great news since testing is probably increasing.

Will our rulers decide the threat is subsiding and start to give us our freedoms back? In some states they already have. But it seems Democrats have decided lockdowns are good politics for now. Until that changes don’t expect any loosening of restrictions in blue states regardless of the “science” or “data” they’re supposedly so fond of.

NJ LTC Deaths

Supreme Leader Murphy’s reign of terror continues in NJ. Full lockdown with no end in sight. Any plan to reopen seems to be contingent on an army of State workers or Big Tech tracking the state’s citizens indefinitely for any traces of the dreaded virus. So I guess freedom and any human rights are out the window in the Garden State.

However, back in the land of reality, whatever threat the average New Jerseyan faced from COVID may be decreasing. I’ve been tracking the reported death counts from the NJ Dept of Health website for the past week. There was a 761 increase in reported deaths. 629 (83%) were in LTC facilities. So there were only 132 non-LTC deaths reported over the course of a week. (To be fair that’s including a 43 decrease in non-LTC deaths on 5/8 where they must have reassigned earlier deaths to LTC facilities)

5/6/2020                     8,549                4,261 49.84%       4,288
5/7/2020                     8,549                4,261 49.84%       4,288
5/8/2020                     8,801                4,556 51.77%       4,245
5/9/2020                     8,952                4,691 52.40%       4,261
5/10/2020                     9,116                4,825 52.93%       4,291
5/11/2020                     9,255                4,855 52.46%       4,400
5/12/2020                     9,310                4,890 52.52%       4,420

Fearmongering press

Here is the headline from Daily Mail:

BREAKING NEWS: I WILL defy the doctors says Donald Trump claiming ‘our people want to return to work’ and ‘seniors will be watched over’ despite medical experts warning his back to business plan could kill MILLIONS

Now the part about defying doctors is notably not in quotes so while I don’t watch these horrible press conferences/campaign events, I doubt he actually said that. Plus, I know you can find some doctors and “medical experts” that agree the quarantine is worse than the potential destruction of the coronavirus so that’s obviously misleading. Not every doctor agrees with the politicians on this just like not every “scientist” agrees with the politicians on global warming or other fear tactics.

I want to know exactly who these experts are that are saying millions will die. I know they have way fo manipulating the death counts, but if people go back to work and they’re only able to come up with deaths somewhere in the thousands, will there be any consequences for these scare tactics? Will people saying we need to quarantine for months and months to save over two million from dying face any consequences?

I suppose Democrat governors will keep the lockdowns in place in their states and take credit for saving everybody’s life while they destroy the economy. So we can then argue endlessly over whether the quarantines saved significant numbers of people without these fearmongers ever having to take ownership of their irresponsible predictions.


There are so many contradictions surrounding this Coronavirus hysteria. Consider…

  1. The right has been saying for several years now that we can’t believe the media or Democratic politicians, but yet they are swallowing every sensational news story from the media and backing everything the Democratic governors are telling them.
  2. The left has been saying Trump is a Tyrant and he wants to take over America and rule with an iron fist. But now they are saying he hasn’t done enough to contain the virus despite shutting down the entire economy and practically ordering everyone nationwide to stay in their homes. It doesn’t even enter their heads that maybe he’s not being entirely truthful despite the fact they claim he’s lied about everything for three years and even colluded with Russia to destroy democracy.
  3. We’re expected to believe the same State Establishment and media that has lied to the American public so many times in recent years with dire consequences: WMDs in Iraq, Russiagate, The Gulf of Tonkin, Babies being pulled from Incubators in Kuwait, Assad using chemical weapons, the Kennedy Assassination, Pearl Harbor, Bin Laden planning 9/11 in Afghanistan, and on and on and on.

President Biden?

It looks like he’ll be the nominee. It’s incredible because he really seems to be senile. He’s also incredibly corrupt and a pathological liar, but so was Hillary Clinton and most politicians. Trump’s corrupt and a liar too, although I’d say he’s actually somewhat honest for a politician, and his personal corruption isn’t in the same universe as a Clinton or a Biden.

No, the senility is really what’s unique about Biden. Bush Jr. was stupid, but he wasn’t senile. Reagan wasn’t senile until his late in his second term. Biden’s senile on the campaign trail!

I figure Trump will crush him if the economy holds until November. If the next depression starts before then, Biden will likely eek out a win.

I’m not sure what’s better really. In the short term, I think we’d recover faster under Trump because he might not go as crazy with new regulations and welfare schemes.
Biden’s also more likely to start another war. I’m sure either one will do a reckless stimulus and another round of bailouts though.

Either way I can’t really see any way that the Narrative doesn’t become “blame the free market.” After all, Trump has foolishly been taking credit for low unemployment and a good stock market. Trump and “free market capitalism” take the blame unless somehow Biden wins in spite of a strong economy and it crashes on his watch. This seems unlikely.

The other thing to watch out for is Biden being unable to actually be President. Whether he bows out at the convention or he resigns due to health reasons after winning remains to be seen. Could we be looking at President Klobuchar? President Harris? Could Hillary be the “compromise candidate?”

Well, it should be fun to watch anyway. Trump debating Biden might even top Trump vs. Hillary.


I’ve refrained from writing about this because it’s incredibly boring and stupid. I haven’t and won’t watch a single minute of this farce, but since I use the internet I can’t completely escape it.

Some thoughts:

  1. If you wanted to impeach Trump do it for waging the illegal war against Yemen or something along those lines. This Ukraine nonsense is meaningless. The only lesson any future president learns from this if Trump were actually removed from office would be that the Deep State has veto power over the American voting public so you’d better do what they say.
  2. John Bolton is now a hero to Democrats. That’s right, the man who never saw a country he didn’t want to bomb or starve or invade, is an ally of the “Resistance.” He works for Trump for a few months, undermines every peace effort Trump put forward, then gets fired. He then writes a tell-all book that the Deep State needs to vet before he’s allowed to publish it. They tell him there’s some classified info that needs to be redacted but go ahead and leak a bunch of info to the New York Times that they think is damaging to Trump.
  3. Schiff accused Trump’s lawyer of being in “the loop” of the whole Ukraine “scandal.” As if Schiff wasn’t in the loop with the Deep State’s attempted Coup from the beginning. As if he didn’t meet with the CIA “whistleblower” from the start before any of this garbage was public and then lie about it.
  4. Biden’s allowed to hold up aid to Ukraine to get a prosecutor fired, but Trump’s not allowed to hold up aid to investigate whether that was corrupt?
  5. Giving military aid to Ukraine is somehow in our “National Security Interest” but no one will explain how. Obama never gave them military aid so was he endangering our National Security Interest? What about when Biden held up non-Military aid?
  6. I’m against giving aid to any foreign government for any reason. The idea that we would impeach a president for delaying aid slightly seems ridiculous. Cut off all Foreign Aid! Then you won’t have any of these problems.
  7. This whole thing is obviously being done for political reasons to influence the 2020 elections. No one thinks Trump is actually going to be convicted. I think it’s likely to backfire on the Democrats.
  8. We’ve been hearing over and over about how Trump’s soliciting foreign interference in the 2020 elections. But the whole Russiagate fake scandal happened because Hillary Clinton solicited foreign interference in the 2016 elections with the Steele dossier.

There. That’s enough. There’s probably plenty more to say about this, but I’d likely throw up if I had to think about Adam Schiff for one more minute.

Happy Veterans Day! (with exceptions)

Today is the day that all Americans must unquestionably salute every man, woman, or non-binary individual that has ever worn the Empire’s uniform. It doesn’t matter whether they ever saw combat. It doesn’t matter how they conducted themselves during their service. It doesn’t matter how they’ve conducted themselves since leaving the service. Nothing matters except that they signed up, for pay, to assist the Washington Regime in enforcing its worldwide military empire in some capacity.

However, there are exceptions. I would like to point out the two most obvious here:

  1. Tulsi Gabbard. Despite serving in the war to finally conquer Iraq, she now questions the need to even have an empire. She thinks the point of the US government should be to see to the needs of US citizens, not imposing its will on peoples located thousands of miles away. Apparently she believes these crazy things because she’s’ been brainwashed by the evil Russians or she’s on their payroll or something. Just ask Hillary Clinton.
  2. Bradley/Chelsea Manning. He exposed the lies and deceptions foisted on the American people by the State and state-controlled media. Of particular interest was a video showing US soldiers laughing as they killed unarmed Iraqis. Now the State needs its lies and deceptions in order to maintain the Empire so, therefore, Manning is a traitor and belongs in jail. The guys laughing in that video did their duty so go ahead and buy them breakfast at Denny’s or give up your seat on an airplane or whatever.

Happy Armistice Day