Good for Trump

He backed out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change.  I support the decision so that obviously means the following things about me are true:

I am a climate denier.  I deny that there is a climate.

I hate the environment. I want to destroy it.

I love pollution.

I want people to die.

I am racist.

The most important thing in the world to me is that oil companies make big profits.

I hate “renewable energy.”

I don’t believe in science.

Did I miss anything?

By the way, all of this is symbolic.  These non-binding “accords” and “protocols” to combat “climate change” do nothing to reduce carbon emissions.  They are an excuse in Europe to raise taxes on energy, and in the United States to issue more environmental regulations that favor certain businesses, but no country ever meets the ridiculous targets.  Is there anyone who believes that carbon emissions in 2025 were actually going to be 1/4 of what they were in 2005 just because some president signed a piece of paper in 2016?

Remember the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 that Bill Clinton signed, but never even attempted to have ratified by the Senate?

“You have to judge Kyoto to have been a failure. Just on the merits of what was done as a result of the agreement and countries not actually living up to their commitments or staying with the agreement,”


Why the center left hates Trump more than other Republicans

Good article by Jeff Tucker (not always a huge fan), on the Trump Derangement Syndrome currently afflicting those on the center Left.  Trump is unintentionally destroying people’s faith in the sanctity of the American State.  He’s not doing this by actually attacking the government.  In fact the government will almost certainly continue to grow under his administration.  No, it’s because of this:

he is ruining the mystery of the state, and thereby discrediting their holy institutions.

Progressive violence

Interesting footage of the Berkeley riot.  Worth watching to see what so called “student protesters” are really all about.

I’d like to point out one thing about this video.  A brief clip of Cenk Uygur at the 4:55 mark. Kudos to Uygur for condemning the riots.  However, I have to call bullshit on this specific remark: “a true progressive doesn’t do violence by definition.”

I guess the following people were not true progressives despite being identified as such: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Ayers, Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama. These men were certainly willing to “do violence” in an attempt to achieve their supposedly progressive ends.

The entire progressive philosophy has, since its inception, been predicated on violence. Even when not rioting (which by the way they do a lot), progressives want to force people to behave in a way that conforms to their worldview.  That’s the whole point.  And they want to use government violence to achieve this if they are unable get their way through mere intimidation.

An example of progressivism in action is drug prohibition.  Progressives in the early twentieth century insisted on the regulation and eventual outlawing of the possession or sale of substances they didn’t like.  This even included alcohol for a period of time.  Failure to follow these rules meant being locked up in a government dungeon as punishment. Interestingly, decades later when the political Left changed their minds and decided drugs were great they turned around and blamed conservatives for what their forbears had instituted.  Conservatives had begun to agree with them on this issue so of course their attitudes shifted.  (It should be noted that conservatives have no problem using government violence either.  They are, however, less inventive in coming up with new rules to enforce.)

Income tax is another progressive era invention.  Does anyone really believe that millions of Americans would voluntarily hand over a third of their income to the State if the IRS wasn’t prepared to use violence to enforce payment?

Today we see equally disturbing policies that seek to upend cultural norms under threat of force.  Don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding?  Don’t want to let men identifying as women use the ladies’ restroom?  Don’t want to hire a certain percentage of minorities or women to work at your company?  In some rare cases progressives may show up and smash your windows or beat you up.  But of much greater concern is that In certain arbitrary circumstances, making any of these decisions can result in your business being taken away from you.  You may also be forced to pay thousands of dollars to someone who was offended by your actions even though no actual physical harm was inflicted on that person. Government guns are the enforcement mechanism for all of this even if most progressives choose to ignore that aspect of their ideology.

Sorry Cenk, progressivism equals violence.  It always has.  It always will.  It cannot exist without violence.

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Racially motivated kidnapping in Chicago

Four black people in Obama’s hometown, who seem to hate Donald Trump and white people in general, kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man.  Unlike all the alleged hate crimes committed by white Trump supporters against blacks, gays, muslims, latinos, etc. that always turn out to be fake, this crime is not really in doubt.  The perpetrators videotaped the torture and uploaded it to Facebook.

Don’t expect to see much coverage of this on NBC or CNN.

Buchanan on Trump

Missed this little exchanged that happened prior to the election because I don’t watch the Clinton News Network.  But nice to see Pat is still getting some airtime.  A man of principle.  And a man of peace.  He’s been predicting the populist revolt for years.  He tried to instigate it back in the 1990’s.  It’s finally here.  Enjoy it while it lasts Mr. Buchanan.  You worked harder, and sacrificed more than most to see it come to fruition.

CNN says Trump is racist. I’m shocked.

Some jerk from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which I doubt has any support among poor Southerners, says the term “Drain the Swamp” is racist. The CNN dimwit “appreciates” this point of view. Of course he does.

So anyway, if you really hate Trump, and you want to be angry all the time, just watch CNN all day and they’ll gladly tell you why everything Trump or Republicans say or do is racist even if it’s something Democrats also say but it’s not racist when they say it. Got that Comrade? You angry yet? Want to be in a bad mood 24 hours a day for the next four years? Watch some good ‘ol fashioned American Cable News.

President Trump

The establishment tried to shove another Bush or Clinton down our throats and they got Trumped.

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I doubt that the Donald will be a very effective president.  I am under no illusion that he’s going to usher in some great era of limited government or general contentment among the masses.  But I still feel America dodged the Hillary bullet and for that I’m thankful.  Simply by winning the election, Trump accomplished some good things whether he even realizes it himself.

  1. The media have been exposed for the establishment shills they are.  No one outside of hardcore partisan Democrats can possibly ever believe anything they “report” from now on.
  2. The GOP as we’ve known it for the last three decades is dead.  The neocons have been rebuked by the masses.  Running on an Israel first warmongering platform is no longer going to win elections.
  3. Globalism has suffered a huge defeat.  The general conceit emanating from the imperial capital of Washington D.C. that the global “order” in place since World War II must never end is no longer accepted by the average Joe.  Americans no longer feel the need to accept unlimited subsidized immigration while supporting wars against any “rogue” state that resists the US government’s will.
  4. Political correctness has suffered a major blow.  The latest left wing dogma is not accepted by everyone, and people no longer cower in fear at being called racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. etc.

It’s a good day in America.  Let’s hope the actual reality of the Trump presidency doesn’t ruin it completely.

This election is a culture war.

This election, more than any other I can remember, is a culture war.  To a large extent this is due to the media’s coverage.  Normally they’d be critiquing the candidates’ policy positions and telling everyone how bad the GOP proposals will be for poor people while giving more favorable analysis of the Democratic platform.

However, this year the media have gone along with the Clinton camp and framed this as a battle between a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic bigot representing a bitter, dying white majority and the first female Democratic nominee who is obviously a continuation of the enlightened progress of the first black president.  The specifics of Trump’s healthcare plan or Hillary’s tax plan have gotten very little attention.

Despite the narrative it’s not a strictly racial divide.  There are plenty of white people who either hate their own culture or feel guilty about it.  The idea of a straight white man who isn’t constantly apologizing for his “privileged” position in the world being president offends them.  They more or less buy into whatever the latest cultural left position is on anything from climate change, to racial justice, to transgenderism even if it conflicts with what they believed five years ago.  These white people are on the side of the various ethnic and racial minorities who may or may not buy into the leftist cultural propaganda, but see the Democratic party and left wingers in general as allies that will promote their minority culture at the expense of traditional American or Western values.

On the other side, you have a slight majority of whites, probably around 60% or so, who like their own culture and want it to remain dominant in the United States, particularly wherever they happen to live.  They don’t want to have to constantly watch what they say and keep up with the latest leftist orthodoxy out of fear of offending someone of a different ethnic background or sexual orientation.  They’re also sick and tired of a Republican party that takes their votes for granted while they expand the warfare state, do nothing to shrink the welfare state, keep the immigration floodgates open, and cave into all the latest cultural trends emanating from Hollywood and Academia.  These whites are joined by what I suspect is a growing minority of non-whites who prefer living in a society dominated by traditional Western values to one that thinks it can mix conservative Islam, Mexican Reconquista, Black Lives Matter, and whatever the latest LTGBQ Rights agenda is as long as everybody hates Whitey.

Somewhat ironically, it seems as though the white people who have the least interaction with non-whites tend to fall on the cultural left, while whites who live in close proximity to large non-white populations are more likely to defend their own traditional white culture.

Regardless of how the election turns out, I think this is a losing battle for both sides.  The leftist vision of a multicultural society where everybody gets along and works together and supports the Federal Government is totally unrealistic.  As long as there is a two party system, it seems likely that the more diverse the electorate gets, the more victories that will mean for Democrats.  However, that certainly doesn’t equal national harmony by any means.  The various interest groups, whether ethnic or racial or sexual, that make up the Democrat party coalition have competing interests that don’t seem likely to coalesce around a common goal once whites become a minority.  And those whites who are trying to defend their own culture are likely to support ever more extreme politicians who may end up being more openly hostile to their opponents.

As for the cultural conservatives or alt-right or whatever you want to call them, they will have to give up on the idea (if they haven’t already) that America can be one “nation” again. It ceased to be that in any cultural sense decades ago.  Hopefully a President Trump would be able to push back somewhat against the “progressive” cultural onslaught that has rendered anything the least bit conservative or libertarian to be racist, sexist, etc.  But if they think they’re going to unite a large majority of the electorate behind them they’re mistaken.

No, I think for everyone living in the current tax jurisdiction known as the United States that cares about cultural issues, the only potential solution is some form of nullification.  If you care more about supporting Israel, or free trade agreements, or the National Parks, then you may be able to find some politicians in the spectrum from Hillary Clinton to Paul Ryan to support and enjoy the Washington Elite’s hegemony.  However, for the rest of us, the best way forward is to stop screaming at each other and start focusing on local issues.

Marijuana is still illegal as far as the DEA is concerned, and yet it is being openly sold and consumed all over the US with the blessing of local authorities.  The same can happen in other areas of life.  Lobby your local government to refuse the Fed’s “aid” and take back control of your local educational systems from kindergarten up through the State colleges. We’ve already seen a revolt against Common Core.  If you live in San Francisco and love diversity dogma and affirmative action good for you.  But if you live in South Carolina and dislike these things, you shouldn’t let the Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons of the world force them on you.  Our imperial masters can’t control us without the help of the local bureaucrats.  If you get the local bureaucrats on your side, you can have your culture back. Life doesn’t have to be the same in New York City and Oklahoma City.

After all, I seem to recall something about a 10th ammendment  that doesn’t get brought up in the campaigns very often.