Trump’s legacy

It sucks. Here were his big 3 issues:

Less immigration: He did nothing to limit it in any significant way. If it does slow down it will be because governors have destroyed the economies of the states most attractive to immigrants. It won’t be because of anything Trump did.

Trade war with China. It doesn’t matter what tariffs or other policies that were, or were not implemented. China seems to be open for business and has moved on from COVID. Meanwhile, trump allowed Fauci to convince local politicians to implement policies in the USA which have shut down much of the economy. China is in a much stronger position relative to the US than it was when Trump assumed office.

Ending the wars. He hasn’t ended any. Troops are still in all the countries they were in when he was inaugurated.

So basically it was a disaster. He allowed his political enemies to institute totalitarianism on a level never before seen in the USA while not following through on any of his campaign promises. He also killed even the idea of fiscal responsibility once and for all. We now have unlimited spending/inflation as the standard operating procedure of government.

Were there any positives? Yes.

He exposed the media for the propagandists they are. Half the country refuses to believe anything they say and that’s a good thing.

He refused to escalate the situation in Syria and avoided a large war that would have involved Russia and Iran.

He convinced the right in this country to be antiwar. Let’s hope that lasts.

Is there anything he can do over the last few weeks to make his legacy slightly better? Yes.

Pardon Snowden and Assange. Pull all troops out of Afghanistan.

Will he do anything over the last few weeks that make his legacy slightly better? Not likely.

Color Revolutions

Is the attempt to overthrow Trump, an example of a “Color Revolution” that was common under the Bush and Obama regimes? That’s the talking point that’s been circulating in some right wing outlets. It’s gotten enough attention that the mainstream media (i.e. left wing outlets) have deemed it necessary to respond.

This piece of propaganda is laughable. It almost makes you think this is part of the very color revolution under way that they claim isn’t happening.

First off they quote someone from the Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement. Yes, someone working for an outlet named after the nominee for president of the Democrat Party running against Trump is the expert they turn to. He accuses anyone floating this theory as nothing more than recycling Russian talking points.

There’s some more pearl clutching from globalist think tankers explaining to the zombies that get their news from Yahoo! that Color revolutions are just popular uprisings against evil autocratic regimes and are 100% wonderful and full or rainbows and sunshine and everything nice.

But then we get to the last few paragraphs a bit of truth slips through. A Twitter feed from a Canadian journalist had this to say:

U.S. support for these movements does not take the form of CIA machinations but rather federal funding of the National Endowment for Democracy and various other NGOs, including foundations associated with Soros, according to MacKinnon. This is not the “deep state,” he said, but “more like a scattered collection of do-gooders who have a bunch of money to give out to organizations that promote ideas like fair elections and independent media around the world.”

So it does seem as though the US government and the biggest globalist on the planet, George Soros, are in fact funding these color revolutions. And they take the form of “popular protests” against pro-Russian regimes the they don’t like. And we’re supposed to believe Trump is very pro-Russian and in fact Russia stole the election for him. And Black Lives Matter, which is very well funded, has been holding protests/riots for months now directed at Trump.

And here’s an article from Slate back in 2004 (when George W Bush was literally Hitler) explaining that the NED was created to continue funding opposition groups that the US regime favored after the CIA got some bad press and wasn’t allowed to directly fund these groups anymore. So basically it exists to provide cover to the CIA’s meddling in foreign countries, attempting to overthrow certain governments.

But what happened in Iran, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Syria, etc. could never happen in the USA right?

Latest foreign policy scam

So now we are all Belarussian! We must support Democracy there and call for the resignation of their elected President even as we have a chaotic election of our own that our leaders are already promising to contest if they lose!

This has the CIA’s fingerprints all over it. Don’t fall for the lies that we will be bombarded with over the coming weeks about how Belarus is somehow vital to our national security and “we” must support Democracy there by trying to oust the Democratically elected government.

US government dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan 75 years ago today

It was completely unjustified. Here’s what I wrote 8 years ago:

August 6 was the anniversary of the first atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the second bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki. Many great scholars have documented how this was unnecessary from a military standpoint despite the propaganda we’re taught in government schools. The invasion of Japan would not have cost “millions” of American lives. The Japanese would have surrendered had Harry Truman dropped his call for “unconditional” surrender which the Japanese took to mean the Americans would arrest and execute their emperor. Of course the president could have alleviated these fears & accepted their surrender. Instead he murdered at least 150,000 civilians, then let them keep their emperor anyway. Here are some quotes from contemporaries of Truman for those who still buy the lies:

“The Japanese had, in fact, already sued for peace before the atomic age was announced to the world with the destruction of Hiroshima and before the Russian entry into the war.” -Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

“It wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing . . . to use the atomic bomb, to kill and terrorize civilians, without even attempting [negotiations], was a double crime.” -General Dwight Eisenhower

“On July 20, 1945, under instructions from Washington, I went to the Potsdam Conference and reported there to Secretary [of War] Stimson on what I had learned from Tokyo – they desired to surrender if they could retain the Emperor and their constitution as a basis for maintaining discipline and order in Japan after the devastating news of surrender became known to the Japanese people.” – Allen Dulles, chief of OSS operations in Switzerland

Rand Paul makes a lot of sense

Appearing on the worst of the many terrible propaganda outlets we suffer under today, he at least gets a few minutes to speak out about the US State’s latest aggression against Iran. If this turns into a full-scale war he should run as a third-party candidate and destroy Trump (I’m sure he’ll lose anyway if he’s waging an unpopular, unwinnable war in an election year). I’d prefer he pose a primary challenge, but I’m assuming it’s too late in the election cycle for that.

Hopefully, Trump backs down from this insanity and deescalates the situation. In fact, he could even turn this into a semi-positive and use the situation as an excuse to withdraw from Iraq once and for all. Maybe he can even win a second term and further dismantle the Empire, at least in the Middle East. And then Rand can run in 2024 as the Liberty candidate and usher in a new era of freedom, peace, and prosperity in the USA. I can dream, can’t I?

Empire’s presence in the Middle East

Infographic: Where U.S. Troops Are Based In The Middle East | Statista

That’s over 65,000 troops stationed thousands of miles away from our shores projecting American power in a region most Americans will never visit and have no desire to.

Make no mistake about it, the Iranian government is a threat to these 65,000 troops. They are not a threat to anyone within the borders of the United States. Eliminating the threat from Iran would be easy. Bring the troops home.

Instead, it seems more and more likely that Trump will do the bidding of Israel and the Deep State and keep attacking and humiliating Iran until they respond in kind. Then there can be the full-fledged war that people like John Bolton and Bibi Netanyahu have been craving for decades.

You want Iran to get desperate enough that they actually send terrorists to New York City? Keep doing this. And don’t expect the Empire to protect its citizens any better than they did on September 11, 2001.

Another War President

Up to now, it’s my opinion Trump has been our best president since Reagan. That’s not saying much. I really should say he’s been our least bad president since Reagan. And Reagan wasn’t very good.

But when you look at Bush I, the Clintons, Cheney, and the people who came up with the words on Obama’s teleprompter, Trump was a slight improvement.

There’s the standard stuff you usually get from Republicans, a tiny bit lower taxes and a tiny bit fewer regulations. But of course, you take the good with the bad. Republicans also tend to increase spending even faster than Democrats and Trump is no exception.

Then there’s the Trump specific stuff which I tend to like, but I might be in the minority. He’s encouraged half the country not to trust the media which is a good thing since it constantly lies. He’s also mocked and derided the “woke” craziness that sprung up during Obama’s reign further escalating the PC war on free speech and traditional culture. And while he hasn’t done much to control immigration, it’s at least a topic that’s being debated, however childishly. Finally, he’s made lots of people lose respect for “the office” of President. It doesn’t deserve any respect so thank you Donald Trump!

The one thing that really set him apart was his foreign policy. Yes, he’s bombed a few places, and yes he continued the wars started by his predecessors. He’s even escalated the genocidal war going on in Yemen that Obama helped the Saudis start. For that, he should be in jail on war crimes. However, compared to previous presidents, he’s bombed much less. And he’s actually deescalated the war in Syria. It’s extremely rare for a president in recent decades to deescalate anything short of a catastrophic military defeat. So as bad as it continues to be on the war front, it was worse under previous administrations and would have been far worse under Hitlery.

But now Trump seems hell-bent on starting a war with Iran. How else can you describe his incredibly reckless actions over the past week where he’s bombed Iraqi Shia militias (that had been working with the US against ISIS) and then murdering one of their leading public figures at the Baghdad airport. And then sending thousands of more troops to the region to act as targets for Iranian revenge. That’s after several years of crippling sanctions on the country for no reason after they’d reached a deal with Obama.

I’m sure Iran doesn’t want a real war with the USA that would surely destroy their country. But they can’t simply allow Trump to attack them or other Shia Muslims every few days and do nothing to respond. They can only let themselves look bad for so long for domestic purposes.

If Trump thinks this will somehow help his reelection chances, I think he is sadly mistaken. His base wants nothing to do with it and no Democrat is going to support him on this or anything else. Hopefully Russia can control the Iranian regime and give Trump some phony agreement that will allow everyone to save face and back off from the brink of catastrophe.


Happy Veterans Day! (with exceptions)

Today is the day that all Americans must unquestionably salute every man, woman, or non-binary individual that has ever worn the Empire’s uniform. It doesn’t matter whether they ever saw combat. It doesn’t matter how they conducted themselves during their service. It doesn’t matter how they’ve conducted themselves since leaving the service. Nothing matters except that they signed up, for pay, to assist the Washington Regime in enforcing its worldwide military empire in some capacity.

However, there are exceptions. I would like to point out the two most obvious here:

  1. Tulsi Gabbard. Despite serving in the war to finally conquer Iraq, she now questions the need to even have an empire. She thinks the point of the US government should be to see to the needs of US citizens, not imposing its will on peoples located thousands of miles away. Apparently she believes these crazy things because she’s’ been brainwashed by the evil Russians or she’s on their payroll or something. Just ask Hillary Clinton.
  2. Bradley/Chelsea Manning. He exposed the lies and deceptions foisted on the American people by the State and state-controlled media. Of particular interest was a video showing US soldiers laughing as they killed unarmed Iraqis. Now the State needs its lies and deceptions in order to maintain the Empire so, therefore, Manning is a traitor and belongs in jail. The guys laughing in that video did their duty so go ahead and buy them breakfast at Denny’s or give up your seat on an airplane or whatever.

Happy Armistice Day

“Putin is the New King of Syria”

According to the War Street Journal. Every single House Democrat that bothered to vote, voted to condemn Trump for pulling troops out of Northeastern Turkey. The majority of Republicans joined them. That’s right, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Liz Cheney are on the same side on this one, calling for endless War. Everyone in Washington outside Trump and his dwindling number of allies thinks Washington needs to rule Syria and the entire Middle East. How can it be any other way? USA and Israel good, everyone else bad. That’s about as much thought as these fools have put into it.

If Putin wants to be King of Syria, I say let him. Why would Trump or any American want anything to do with that place? What’s in it for us? When did putting the interests of US citizens over those of some ethnic minority 6,000 miles away become unthinkable? When did being anti-war become evil? When did endless killing and the destruction of foreign countries become virtuous?

A few questions for all these people on Facebook so concerned about the poor Kurds in Syria

When did you first hear about Kurds?

Where do most Kurds live?

What makes someone a Kurd?

What religion are Kurds?

How many Kurds are there?

Should Kurdistan be an independent country? If so what should its borders be?

Are you in favor of continued US membership in NATO?

Are you aware Turkey is a NATO member?

Should the United States declare war on Turkey to defend the Kurds?

If the United States goes to war against another NATO member, what is the purpose of that alliance?

Is it ok to be an “Assad apologist” now that the Kurds are allied with Assad?

How many American troops should be sent to Syria to defend the Kurds against Turkey?

How many people are in the Turkish armed forces?

How many US soldiers do you think is acceptable to have killed defending the Kurds?

Can you name one Kurd?

When did the Kurds become allies of the United States?

What have the Kurds done that has benefited American citizens?

How long should the United States have armed forces in Syria?

Can you ever envision a time when the Kurds do not feel threatened and it’s safe for American troops to leave?

Is there ever a case where an ethnic or minority group somewhere in the world is in danger, and it is not the responsibility of the US armed forces to intervene?

Would you personally fight and die for the Kurds? Would you send your children to fight and die for them?