Trump acknowledges US government killers

From an interview that will air prior to the Super Bowl:

“But, [Putin] is a killer,” O’Reilly said.

“There are a lot of killers,” Trump responded, “We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”

It’s about time we had a president that accepts reality when it comes to US foreign policy. The idea that the Washington Regime sends its military around the globe blowing shit up solely to help poor innocent foreigners because America is so good and kind hearted is one of the most absurd and dangerous notions that too many people have been buying into for the past seventy years.  Enough is enough.  I seriously doubt Russia has killed more people than the combined bloody efforts of Clinton/Bush/Obama since Putin came to power in 1999.

Of course the War wing of the Republican Party was quick to denounce their own president in their never ending effort to stoke war with Russia.  In his response to Trumps statements, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called Putin a “thug” and claimed his election as Russian president wasn’t “credible.”  This despite having domestic approval ratings that dwarf any recent US president.

For those people out there who hate Trump, think he’s Hitler, and are worried he’s going to destroy Democracy or whatever, calm down.  Just about everyone in the ruling elite is against this man.  Most Republicans who actually hold any power in this country hate him as much as any Democrat, judge, media personality, or corporate CEO does.  They’ll do whatever they can (and they can do a lot) to make sure the wars continue, the subsidized mass migration from the third world continues, and the banksters, merchants of death, drug companies, etc. get paid.

Trump will have a hell of a time making any real changes to the corrupt cesspool known as Washington, D.C.  Chances are when it’s all said and done, despite the chaotic first two weeks and all the America First rhetoric, he’ll have been a much more conventional (and to those who voted for him disappointing) president than anyone expects.

Is Trump administration starting trouble with China?

Trump spokesman says US won’t allow China to take over some rocks in the South China Sea because they’re in “international territories.”  Gotta love this quote:

The U.S. is going to make sure that we protect our interests there.

Hate to break it to you Donald, but I like just about every other American, don’t have any “interests” in the South China Sea. Stay the hell out of there just like you would expect China to stay out of the Caribbean Sea.  It’s none of “our” business.

America First.  Remember your campaign slogan?  Or your Inaugural Address from 4 days ago?

I love Tulsi Gabbard

She may be a left wing Democrat, but she’s bravely taking an independent stance against the Washington warmongers in both parties.  Tulsi has picked up the banner left behind by former congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and is calling for peace.  No more funding for terrorists.  Stop taking sides in every damn foreign war on this planet.

Trump speaks some truth regarding NATO

Calls it obsolete.  Of course all “World Leaders” in Europe and the usual DC warmongers are freaking out.

Because as everyone knows, a military alliance that was forged against a country that no longer exists in the aftermath of World War II over seventy years ago must remain intact forever no matter how much money it costs the American taxpayer.

The Merchants of Death have to get paid!

Poor babies

A bunch of professional war mongers left over from the Bush regime are upset that after going on record opposing Trump and attacking his character, he doesn’t want to hire them to work in his administration.

Thank God.  These are evil people who would start World War III if they thought it would be good for their careers.

Trump will have plenty of bad guys in his administration.  But at least he’s got the sense not to bring in people that are openly hostile to him.  Reagan foolishly let the neocons into Washington and they’ve been there ever since, promoting wars and slandering anyone who wants peace.  Do the world a favor and purge them from the GOP.

The war wing of the Republican party backs Obama

McCain, Graham, and Ryan all back soon to be ex-Emperor Obama in his effort to reignite the Cold War with Russia on his way out the White House door.  These are sick, disgusting individuals who would gladly risk World War III to advance their globalist agenda where the Washington regime would effectively run a worldwide Military Empire.

Trump should expel them from the party.  They were obviously doing whatever they could to get Clinton elected.  They failed, and now they’ll be as bad as any Democrat in undermining any peace overtures that President Trump might offer to any foreign government.

They want permanent war all the time.  They want all foreign heads of states to bow down before them.  They want to bomb anyone who defies them.  They want “boots on the ground” everywhere.

They should join the Bushes and Clintons in the ashtray of history.

Emperor Obama allows meaningless anti-Israel UN resolution to pass

Here’s a good analysis of the whole thing at the Intercept.  They point out that both Papa Bush and Bush Junior let a number of these worthless resolutions get through the UN. This is Obama’s first.  So despite the rhetoric coming from the Israelis and their neocon allies in America, Obama’s been steadfast in his support of the Israeli regime and their violation of so called “international law.”

The resolution does nothing to stop Israel from continuing to build Jewish settlements on what most governments, including the Washington regime before and during Obama’s presidency, consider to be the home of a future Palestinian state.  It basically just says they should stop.  It carries absolutely no consequences for non-compliance.

I agree with Obama’s decision to abstain from the vote and to not veto it.  Trump of course rushed to Israel’s defense along with Chuck Schumer, John McCain, and Paul Ryan saying the veto should have been used.  One of the most disappointing aspects of Trump so far has been his subservience to Bibi Netanyahu.

Here’s how I propose the US handle these types of issues moving forward:

  1. Exit the UN, cut off funding, and kick them out of the United States.
  2. Barring item number 1, abstain from every single vote.
  3. Only use veto power on resolutions that authorize economic sanctions or the use of force.  In those cases veto every single one.

The end.