Tom Woods Speech at PAUL Fest

This is a great speech from Tom Woods at PaulFest. I wish I could have attended. I love how he dispels any notion that Paul supporters are GOP supporters who will have anything to do with Mitt Romney. He calls him a monster and a reprehensible human being. That’s the perfect description of someone who manages to claw his way to the top of that rotten party. Liberty supporters either need to take over the GOP or destroy it. There is no middle ground. We cannot “compromise” with the Empire.

GOP Stealing Ron Paul Delegates for Mittens

Ben Swann at the local Fox affiliate in Cincinnati exposes the GOP’s violation of their own rules to suppress dissent at Romney’s coronation.  DO NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY! The Republicans are not better than the Democrats as long as they nominate Statist Warmongers.  Personally I am leaning toward voting for Gary Johnson. But the important thing is that both Mittens and Obomber get as few votes as possible. Don’t consent to their Republicrat rule. So if you don’t like Gary Johnson or any other fringe candidate, fine. They won’t be allowed to seriously compete anyway. The biased election laws force them to spend most of their resources just trying to get on ballots. But please stay home on election day rather than vote for “the lesser of two evils.”  They’re both evil. Don’t let the winner claim a mandate as our “democratically” elected leader by amassing a large number of votes.

TX Judge claims Obama Re-Election will lead to Civil War

Judge Tom Head is certainly an enemy of freedom. While I’m as concerned as the next guy over Obama’s preference for international organizations rather than Congress when it suits the expansionist goals of the Empire, the fear of “U.N. troops in Lubbock County” is absurd. Obama has his own private army of TSA agents, Homeland Security thugs, FBI, CIA, IRS, even the Social Security Administration is armed to the teeth. Not to mention the actual US military is available for domestic operations. If he’s going to “hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. to the United Nations” is he really going to ask India and China to contribute troops to an occupying UN army? No he doesn’t need them. He can just issue regulations or executive orders based on UN directives. Texas, like every other state will go along with it.

Furthermore this idiot wants to raise taxes to hire more police to protect against this. Yeah that’s the solution to government tyranny. More government. How about just arming the citizenry. I think Texas is well ahead of most states on that rather simple solution.

This is more evidence that judges are just as bad as the politicians who appoint them.

“We” are not the government

I was listening to my local sports talk radio station over the weekend.  One of the people who called into the show expressed his amusement that a previous caller had referred to a professional baseball team as “we”.  He felt it was silly for a grown man to pretend that somehow he was involved in the personnel decisions of a major league sports franchise simply because he was a fan.  The caller he was referring to had made comments along the lines of “We need to get a right handed bat” and “Our bullpen is no good.”

Now it certainly is quite childish to speak this way.  But I would argue that perhaps this should be encouraged.  If people have this need to be part of a large group made up of people they’ve never met but share some similarity, then this seems to be the most harmless.

What are the alternatives? There are many that have the potential to lead to violent conflict: Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Geographic Proximity.  For example if you obsess over your race to the point that you feel superior based on your physical appearance or ancestry, the potential consequences are obvious as evidenced by history.  Now there are some groupings you could see as more rational and beneficial that also satisfy this need: a fraternity or a small business. And of course Religious/Ethnic organizations don’t have to define a person’s existence to the point where they cause violence (including government threats of violence to redistribute wealth).

But the point I’m trying to make is that it tends to be rare, at least in the USA, for rival sports fans to engage in any violence or persecution against each other. People can joke that Yankees fans have a superiority complex, but they don’t really believe deep down that they’re better than Red Sox fans or Mets fans just because the baseball team they root for wins more games.

In the good ‘ol USA there is one organization that manages to get the vast majority of citizens to believe in it, root for it, and to refer to it as “We.”  Of course I’m talking about the Federal Government.  “We” invaded Iraq.  “We” need to pass healthcare reform.  “We” won WWII.  When did this start?  When did the citizens of this country start pretending in a childish manner that they are the government?  When the Empire sends its storm troopers around the globe to replace local tyrants with their own puppets, why do so many of us act like we all are doing it?

I got news for you.  Barack Obama doesn’t “represent” me anymore than George Steinbrenner ever did.  I’m no more responsible for winning the Spanish-American War than I am for the New York Giants winning the 1905 World Series.

Pussy Riot Gets 2 Years in Russian Prison

I’m no fan of Vladimir Putin.  Despite the fact that he’s much more reasonable on Middle East policy than the current US regime, he’s a statist on par with some of the worst US presidents in terms of his domestic policies in Russia. I also think 2 years in prison is too harsh for the members of Pussy Riot for their crime of “Hooliganism.” But the treatment in the Western press is downright hysterical about this. If 3 young women ran into a cathedral, church, or a Jewish temple in a major city in the United States and started shouting profanities denouncing Obama, don’t you think they’d be looking at serious punishment? Maybe they wouldn’t get 2 years in jail. I hope not. But there would be legal consequences and rightfully so.

The women’s so called protest was due to Putin’s close ties with the Russian Orthodox Church.  But how many black churches in the US have practically held campaign rallies for Obama? How many evangelical churches have conducted sermons preaching the gospel of Republicans? How many Jewish temples have openly advocated on behalf of the Israeli government? I don’t pretend to know the answers to these questions, but you know these types of instances have occurred. Does that mean people that don’t agree with a religious institution’s politics can barge into their houses of worship, desecrate their alters, and shout blasphemous profanities?

Obama’s Wars Rage On

July was the deadliest month for American forces in Afghanistan in 2012. An average of 1 American is killed every day in Afghanistan. Nearly 2000 have been killed since the war began, most under Obama who escalated the conflict the minute he got into office. Of course he promised to increase the killing there as a candidate. So the peaceniks on the Left who voted for him were just hearing what they wanted to hear. It’s unclear how many Afghans have been killed. The government doesn’t worry about the foreign victims of its wars enough to try and keep track of them. Add to those casualties in Afghanistan the victims of the drones in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the bombing of Libya,the deadly sanctions on Iran, the atrocities committed by Syrian “activists,” and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner is racking up quite a body count. He’ll rival GWB, Clinton, and GHWB soon enough if he doesn’t already.

I guess I’m not patriotic enough to support all this, but I don’t think Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, or Syria combined are worth 1 American death.  I also don’t think 1 American dollar (stolen by the IRS or “created” by the FED) should go to support dictators, overthrow dictators, or promote democracy.

And finally, can we just be honest here and admit that the United States Government is the aggressor in these wars?  Can we also admit that they are in fact wars?  Can we try to imagine for one second how Americans would feel if a foreign country was invading, bombing, and conducting drone strikes in US cities to overthrow Obama or kill people that they claimed were terrorists, and in the process they killed dozens of civilians in each attack?  Can we stop pretending that anti-American terrorists are just completely irrational religious zealots who “hate freedom” and admit that they are responding to an extremely violent and aggressive US foreign policy?  Or are Americans still afraid of the truth?  Just switch from the Demicans to the Republicrats and everything will be fine.

Paul Ryan does not believe in freedom.

Some in the media are trying to portray Paul Ryan as some sort of Free Market Ayn Rand type ideologue. This is of course absurd. Regardless of any rhetoric he might have used in the past, the votes speak for themselves:

Yes on TARP
Yes on No Child Left Behind
Yes on Medicare Drug Benefit
Yes on Iraq War
Yes on Auto Bailout
Yes on Patriot Act

It makes perfect sense for Romney to pick this guy. They’re both big government neocons who believe in Empire. As for so called entitlement reform that Ryan has made his name on, he voted for the greatest increase in entitlements (Medicare Part D) since the Great Society. Now we’re supposed to believe he’s committed to cuts in Medicare? Please.