Fed Virtually Funding Entire US Deficit

That’s the CNBC headline for some interview with a former Bush adviser. So I guess the Chinese government has finally decided it has enough pieces of paper with dead US politicians on it. Are we going to be spared all the talk about borrowing from China for the rest of this election cycle? That was a real threat. How could we allow these foreigners to own our debt. Seems like the Federal Reserve has solved this problem. Now we “owe it to ourselves” as Dick Cheney attempted to explain years ago. What could possibly go wrong?

let’s flesh out some programs for rural & inner city youths our damn selves

I don’t know anything about Lupe Fiasco. I just heard about him today via the Drudge Report. But so far I love what he has to say. He’s telling kids not to vote. I know I know. Everyone should vote. It’s your patriotic duty as an American to waste time voting for some jerk you don’t like so a bigger jerk doesn’t win even though the outcome of the election would be exactly the same if you stayed home. But since I hate Romney & Obama I like when a celebrity discourages supporting them.

He also has a good comeback tweet for some comedian I’ve never heard of who is critical of him for his non-voting stance: Better yet @RealDlHughley you put up 50k and I’ll put up 50k and let’s flesh out some programs for rural & inner city youths our damn selves

Imagine that! Helping troubled youth by not giving money to or voting for some politician who promises to steal money and give a small percentage to those youth. He’s suggesting that he actually give money directly to them himself! That’s crazy talk. Why if people started helping others on their own we might not need the government!

Anyway if you like rap but don’t like the government, maybe you’ll like this guy:

Mitt Romney Actually Understands Monetary Policy???

Check out this quote from Mittens:

“Recognize that as the Federal Reserve keeps on trying to stimulate the economy by printing more money, that there’s a cost to that. The value of your savings goes down. People who are living on fixed incomes don’t see much interest income anymore, and the value of the dollar goes down, and the risk for long term inflation goes up.”

This is a tribute to Ron Paul’s campaign of awareness about the Federal Reserve. It’s now good politics for Republicans to criticize easy money and point out how it hurts savers at the expense of debtors.

Mittens doesn’t go far enough of course. He should point out that this is designed to fuel the rise of stock prices, while devaluing the currency. The Fed helps the banks at the expense of almost everybody else. It also allows the government to run huge deficits to fund its wars and other political spending.

I don’t believe for a second Mittens would actually change anything if he were elected. He would probably not renominate Bernanke, but that alone won’t solve anything. He won’t want to raise taxes and he’s already promised to continue running budget deficits, so he’ll need the Fed’s easy money.

Here’s someone who tells the truth about the whole disgusting thing:

We’re Only as Strong Militarily as we are Economically

More great stuff from Ben Swann.  I’m not sure how he landed an interview with the murderer-in-chief, but he actually asks tough questions. It would have been interesting to see Obama’s response to the recent Libyan uprising against the Empire, since he touts that as a success, but I digress.

I’d point out that while he uses the nonsensical “we” when discussing the government, it’s telling that he says “We’re only as strong militarily as we are Economically.”  WTF??? The United States government has by far the most powerful military on Earth. No other government comes close.  Not China, not Russia, not the EU, not Israel, not Iran, no one.  And to suggest we’re “strong economically” is absurd. But I guess what he means is if “we” do’t get our economy turned around, there will be less wealth for him to plunder from productive citizens to hand over to the merchants of death.  This may spell the demise of the Empire.

Patriot Day

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Some thoughts on the subject:

I don’t buy into any of the theories that 9/11 was an inside job. I believe it was probably just 19 angry Arabs. I haven’t researched the issue much so I could be wrong, but I have a hard time believing the government planned this and has been able to keep it covered up for this long.

The “defense” budget was $260 billion for 2000. Despite all that spending, the Pentagon was unable to protect the American people from 19 men with box cutters. As a reward for this failure, their budget has more than doubled. It makes you wonder if they really have any incentive to keep us safe. After all, the more peaceful the world is, the less likely citizens are to support higher military spending.

President Bush responded to the attacks by declaring war on a tactic. Much like the War on Drugs or the War on Poverty, these metaphorical “Wars” never end yet they require more and more money stolen from the productive members of society to fund. They create entrenched interests that organize a lobbying effort to make sure their funds are never cut and policies never change.

President Clinton is probably more responsible for inspiring the 9/11 attacks than anyone else. His sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s were a major rallying cry for Osama Bin Laden. Other reasons were his pro-Israel stance and his stationing of troops in Saudi Arabia. I do not want to absolve the actual hijackers or their leaders and benefactors from responsibility. They obviously had no right to kill thousands of innocent people because they disapproved of US foreign policy. But despite what Rudy Giuliani would have you believe, they attacked the United States for a reason. It wasn’t just out of blind religious hatred.

While President Clinton deserves much blame for creating the climate in the Middle East that led to the 9/11 attacks, he certainly wasn’t alone. Republicans controlled congress for most of his presidency, and they didn’t even attempt to change his policies. Bush the elder may have been slightly less of an Israel-firster, but he started the whole Iraq mess by attacking them to free some oil monarchy called Kuwait that no American had ever heard of. He then started the sanctions that Clinton continued. He was also the first to station troops in Saudi Arabia to defend that monarchy’s oil wells. The CIA helped create al Qaeda under Reagan. And of course Bush Jr. continued the Clinton policies prior to 9/11.

While the atrocities committed by the US government against Iraq may have helped al Qaeda recruit more terrorists, Iraqis themselves, including the evil Saddam, had nothing to do with 9/11. Bush Jr. attacked them anyway and killed hundreds of thousands of people. How that protected anyone from terrorism is a mystery to me.

Al Qaeda has been destroyed. Whatever remnants may be left, they are not in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Why are American troops still in Afghanistan?

If Islamists are the people the US government is supposedly fighting, why is Obama helping them gain power in Libya and Syria?

Despite the fact that the US government has been in a state of constant war since 9/11 (if it was ever really at peace prior to that), war has not been declared constitutionally since 1942.

The police state that was created in response to the 9/11 attacks inspired this blog.

Democrats Stage Phony Vote at their Convention Also

Just to prove they have as much disdain for “democracy” as the GOP when it doesn’t go their way, the Democrats hold a voice vote on whether to change their platform with some nonsense about God and Israel. The voice vote isn’t decisive at all. The chairman is about to just say the motion is adopted when he stumbles a bit and holds the vote a second time. Again it’s indecisive, but he goes ahead and proclaims without any evidence that 2/3 voted in favor. If the parties want to waste millions of dollars to have these infomercials, that’s their business. But why should the taxpayers be forced to pay for their security? And why do all the media give them free coverage? Is the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party going to have their campaign rallies televised? There is no news here. The nominations are decided well in advance. The platforms they come up with are terrible and even if they weren’t, the candidates will ignore them once in power. (That’s if they even acknowledge them as candidates).