Obama is the face of evil in the world today

Make no mistake about it.  This is the face of evil.  To distract from scandalous revelations that the US government is running the largest spying ring in the history of the world, the Obama Administration appears ready to murder thousands of Syrians. This will focus CNN, FOX, NBC, New York Times, and all the other propaganda outlets masquerading as news media on something other than Edward Snowden.

It doesn’t matter that the gas attack being used as an excuse for a bombing campaign is likely a hoax.

It doesn’t matter that even the usually reliable sock puppets in the UK refuse to go along with the latest US atrocity in the Middle East.

It doesn’t matter that the only reason the war in Syria has been going on this long with this many deaths is due mainly to the Obama Administration’s meddling.

It doesn’t matter that Congress might not endorse war this time. The constitutional lawyer and his enablers claim he doesn’t need their permission.

It doesn’t matter that the American people want nothing to do with this latest “Humanitarian Intevention.”

No none of this matters. Obama’s handlers have decided a war is the best thing politically for Obama right now so people have to die. They’re taking a play right out of Bill Clinton’s playbook.

I’m pretty convinced at this point that Obama himself is nothing more than a puppet to the War Party. I don’t think any president has really called the shots for a long time. Kennedy was going to leave Vietnam and he was assassinated. Nixon left Vietnam, made peace with the ChiComs, and was forced to resign. Do you see a pattern here? Has any president since been anything less than recklessly belligerent in foreign relations? No because the War Party doesn’t let anyone who truly believes in peace to win the Republicrat or Democan nominations.

No Obama is merely a handsome black guy who reads well from a teleprompter. Never the less, he is the FACE of the US Government. And the US Government is nothing less than evil. What other organization on Earth claims the right to make war, to bomb and kill anywhere in the world on a massive scale and has carried out that threat almost nonstop for decades?