Prison Song 13 years later

I was a big System of a Down fan in my youth.  I happened to be listening to Prison Song today where the lead singer rattles off some stats about incarceration in the US.  It got me to thinking, that song came out almost 13 years ago, I wonder what those figures look like today?

Nearly 2 Million Americans are incarcerated in the prison system of the US

Well a quick Wikipedia search shows the Land of the Free, has gone well beyond 2 million inmates.  As of 2011, 2,266,800 adults are incarcerated.  That’s 0.7% of the population.  In 2000, the jailed population was 1,937,482.  So the percentage of incarcerated Americans has increased as well by 0.1%.  As you can see below, the US far outpaces the the rest of the world when it comes to locking up its citizens.

The Percentage of Americans in the prison system has doubled since 1985

There were 744,208 inmates in 1985.  That’s 0.3% of the population.  So obviously that has more than doubled.

Keep up the good work Pigs!

But don’t worry, it’s all been worth it!  Why just yesterday, the heroes in the Coast Guard stole a “historic” amount of cocaine from some Dominicans who were trying to supply their US customers.  I’m sure we’ve turned a corner and the War on Drugs is just about won.  Then finally, we can reduce our prison population and all live wonderfully sober lives (except for when we’re drunk at football games).


Chris Christie another evil NJ politician

In general I’m glad Chris Christie is getting hammered by the press over his bridge scandal.  First off anyone who intentionally makes NJ traffic worse or employs people who do, deserves the wrath of the public.  But more importantly it seems to have possibly derailed his presidential ambitions.  This is good in my opinion because Christie is anathema to Libertarians.

Gates slams Obama

Bob Gates, the former war secretary O’bomber inherited from Bush, is slamming the current prez and vice prez.  Now, Bob Gates has written a book in an effort to cash in on all his years of service to the Empire.  He is not to be trusted or admired, and I certainly will not be buying or reading his book.

However, assuming this is true, it certainly says a lot about the current Emperor:

The president was “skeptical if not outright convinced it would fail,” Gates writes

He’s referring to the Afghan War and Obama’s own strategy in which he escalated that conflict and added 30,000 US soldiers to the occupation forces already there.  So Obama sent 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, many of whom died and many more maimed for life, even though he had no intention of “winning” or even really improving the situation.  It was all to fulfill a campaign promise he made to deflect the peacenik label Republicans were trying to saddle him with in 2008.

Of course I still think Obama’s little more than a puppet who can read a teleprompter.  I doubt he gave much thought to the billions this war would cost or all the death and destruction it would bring.

Obama criticizes Republicans for going home for holidays

Obama is mad that while he was vacationing at taxpayers’ expense in Hawaii, Republicans went home for Christmas without extending unemployment benefits for as long as he wants. He further went on to say this in his weekly address:

And for many of their constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all.

You see whenever someone is unemployed, it’s never their own fault.  It’s the government’s fault for not spending enough money to create enough jobs for everybody. And the reason they don’t create all these jobs is because evil Republicans don’t increase spending as fast as Obama wants.  And on top of that those GOP bastards are possibly thinking about not extending unemployment benefits forever.