AP: Pot seen as reason for rise in Denver homeless

This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read in my life.  I guess since the AP usually just acts as a propaganda outlet for the US government, and the Feds haven’t been real clear about their views on marijuana, they’re a little confused on what to write about it.

But there is absolutely no substance to back up the headline here.  The whole premise is based on one quote from a deputy director at one homeless shelter:

“Of the new kids we’re seeing, the majority are saying they’re here because of the weed,”

That’s basically it.  The article then goes onto more or less contradict this statement by saying the following:

an informal survey found that about a quarter of the increase was related to marijuana

So this other shelter would have seen an increase regardless of pot.  By the way, the increase was 75 people.  A quarter of that is around 19 people.  Denver has over 5800 homeless people.  19 is a rounding error.  It’s hardly evidence of anything.

So the AP did no research of their own to determine that pot is leading to an increase in Denver’s homeless population.  Instead they got one quote from someone at one homeless shelter, then found an “informal survey” at another homeless shelter that contradicted that same quote.  This led them to the conclusion that Marijuana legalization is causing an increase in homeless people in Denver, and they saw fit to publish the article.

At the end of the article the executive director at a third shelter blames the economy for the rise in Denver’s homeless population, but this doesn’t make it in the headline.


State of Israel prepares to kill more Arabs

The Israeli government has killed over 200 Palestinians so far in its latest war against that impoverished people.  Supposedly one Israeli who was giving food to occupying troops in the West Bank has been killed.  The men who claim to represent the “chosen people” of the Old Testament apparently haven’t taken the David vs. Goliath story to heart.  A ground invasion of Gaza seems likely.  I’m sure this offensive will prove decisive, the great wonderful State of Israel will prove victorious, and there will finally be Peace in the Middle East!

The Israelis claim this is all in self defense.  Some hitchhiking teenagers were killed!  (Imagine if the USA went to war every time that happened in this country?)  But 200 killed vs. 1 doesn’t seem very defensive to me.

Take a look at these “rockets” that have managed to kill one whole person:

I don’t want to make light of these, but they’re not exactly up to Lockheed’s standards. Look at the firepower the Israelis are working with:

Maybe that’s why Palestinian rockets have killed a whopping 22 Israelis in the past 14 years, while the Israelis have killed over 200 in the last few days’ worth of airstrikes.  Fair fight huh?

What disgusts me almost as much as the needless loss of life are the US politicians who compete for who can suck up to the Israeli government the most:

“The restraint of the Israelis, in my view, is admirable,” – John McCain


“I cannot condemn strongly enough the actions of Hamas in so brazenly firing rockets in multiple numbers in the face of a goodwill effort to operate a cease-fire,” “Israel has right to defend itself.” – John Kerry


“Israel is one of our nation’s strongest democratic allies and its security is directly tied to our own, Hamas’ outrageous and unprovoked war against Israel must end. Until Hamas accepts the Quartet principles, abandoning violence and recognizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, there will not be peace.” – Eric Cantor


On Palestinians: “They have leadership that is committed to resistance and violence and therefore their actions are mostly about how do we get new and better missiles to launch them at Israel instead of saying how we’re going to help make your lives better.” – Hillary Clinton


“Nobody should be surprised that a terrorist organization is once again resorting to terror to harm innocent Israelis, and exposing Palestinian civilians to danger while doing so, Hamas is a terrorist organization that rejects a two-state solution and celebrates the kidnapping and murder of innocent civilians; it cannot be a partner in a Palestinian unity government.” – Bob Menendez


“The Israeli government has shown great restraint, and went to great lengths to try to avoid this confrontation, However, Hamas was intent on starting this conflict.” – Marco Rubio

I could go on and on.  Pretty much every politician you’ve ever heard of has come out in support of Israel while condemning Palestinians as terrorists.  The House has passed a resolution declaring its support for Israel, and the Senate is working on their own statement of ass kissing.

And of course, let’s not forget the Emperor himself, Nobel Peace Prize winning, Lord God Almighty Barack Hussein Obama:

“Israel has a right to defend itself. There’s no country on Earth that can be expected to live under a daily barrage of rockets,”

Obama thinks Richard Nixon was a “Great President.”

In a speech today, Emperor Obama promised to be even more tyrannical.  He’s not going to bother trying to get Congress to approve his diktats.

What else is new?

What made this speech interesting to me was this quote:

“My favorite president is the first Republican president, a guy named Abraham Lincoln. You look at our history, and we had great Republican presidents who–like Teddy Roosevelt started the National Park System, and Dwight Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway System, and Richard Nixon started the EPA.”

If any Libertarian still thinks the Republican party is the lesser of the two evils, perhaps they should go read up on these progressive war criminal heroes of Obama who lived to enlarge the State.

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day, usually now referred to by just its date, the 4th of July, has devolved into another State holiday where Americans shoot off fireworks and celebrate “the troops.”  Rather than celebrating freedom, we’re being instructed to celebrate empire and war.

In a way it’s fitting that a holiday meant to commemorate the ideals of the enlightenment, where educated wealthy men who formed a natural aristocracy threw off the chains of an oppressive foreign government and founded one based on individual rights, has come to this.

Why do I say this?  Well the very men who promoted and carried out the American Revolution proved quite tyrannical in their own right when they themselves came to power.

A few examples:

George Washington, the father of our country, also put down the whiskey rebellion (a tax protest) by force.

John Adams threw aside free speech concerns with the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Thomas Jefferson used “public money” to purchase a giant piece of land through the Louisiana Purchase without consulting Congress.

James Madison launched a war of conquest against Canada.

Happy 4th!