Another sham election is upon us

I’ve spent very little time analyzing the midterm elections taking place tomorrow. I doubt I’ll have much to say about the results. Supposedly it’s just about a certainty that the Republicans will take over the Senate and control both chambers of Congress. I’m more or less indifferent to this as I have come to hate both parties equally. I do prefer when the regime in Washington is controlled by a “divided” government where the party that controls Congress is different than the President’s party. You tend to get less horrible laws passed that way, but we basically already have that with the Republicans controlling the House.

I supposed it will be nice to see the Republicans win. It should just demonstrate how the majority of people who pay enough attention to politics to bother to vote hate Obama. Barry can still veto whatever horrible laws the Republicans pass so we shouldn’t have too much legislation to deal with. The media will immediately shit all over the victorious Republicans so it’s not as if they will gain much prestige from the whole affair.

I received my Sample Ballot in the mail the other day. I just opened it and looked at the list of the candidates running for Senate in the state where I reside. I won’t bother mentioning their names, but needless to say the incumbent Democrat is a wanna be Obama who does whatever the party leaders direct him to do. I have a hard time believing he’s had an independent thought since he managed to slime his way to Washington. A quick Google search of the Republican challenger who has about 0% chance of winning revealed him to be a Police State enthusiast who champions never ending war in the Middle East. In other words, he’s a typical Republican. He even favors “universal healthcare” although he wants to repeal ObamaCare because I guess it’s not univeral enough. He wants to encourage more immigration. (I’m not saying we need a border fence or anything, but there’s something seriously wrong when both candidates are advocating for millions of foreigners to enter the country).

So what the hell is the point of voting in this election? The answer is there is no point. I can’t see how changing control of the Senate will have any impact on anything. Will the Republicans stop Obama from waging an endless, undeclared, unconstitutional war against ISIS or anybody else he feels like bombing? No. They will say he isn’t dropping enough bombs. Will they repeal ObamaCare? No. I don’t believe they ever really intended to, and besides Dear Leader would just veto any attempt. Will they do anything to decrease government spending? No spending will increase. You can be 100% certain of that.  Will they scale back the police state?  No they will say we need to make it bigger as they continue to wildly exaggerate the threat of “terrorism.”

Let’s face it, the system is rigged. It’s a sham. People need to wake up and stop waiting for one gang of thieves or the other to fix the problems in Washington.  Stop mindlessly rooting for a political party like it’s your favorite football team.