Are Republicans worse than Democrats?

I used to consider myself a real right-winger, and the first vote I ever cast was for George W. Bush.  I even registered as a Republican in 2008 just to vote for Ron Paul in the primary.  So with that somewhat embarrassing political background (not Ron Paul), it took me awhile to finally admit to myself that the GOP is not the lesser of two evils.  In fact, in the 21st century, it’s clear to me that the Democrats are actually slightly less horrible than the Republicans.

From WWII up to Bush Jr., the Republican party existed mainly to “conserve” the various domestic government expansions enacted by Democrats.  Ike kept FDR’s New Deal in place, Nixon kept LBJ’s Medicare/Medicaid in place, Reagan kept Jimmy Carter’s Departments of Education & Energy in place and “saved” Social Security.  I guess that is why they became the “conservative” party.  While this wasn’t in any way conducive to Liberty, at least they weren’t rapidly expanding the Federal Government any further while in power.  (Nixon’s certainly an exception here, but even he wasn’t as bad as a mid-20th century Democrat).

And despite their reckless spending on “defense,” GOP presidents were actually more conservative in Foreign policy because they usually only started wars they could easily win (Grenada, Panama, Gulf War I), and managed to disengage the US from Democrat disasters (Korea, Vietnam).  They also tended to be on better terms with their Russian and Chinese adversaries.  Compare Reagan and Gorbachev to Kennedy and Khrushchev or Carter and Brezhnev.  Compare Truman and Mao to Nixon and Mao.

The point is that the Democrats, with a few exceptions, were clearly worse than the Republicans From the Woodrow Wilson administration through the Clinton years.  All that changed, however, with the coronation of Bush the Dumber in 2001.  He immediately expanded the Federal Government more than any president since LBJ with his “No Child Left Behind” and Medicare Drug Program.  He then launched two pointless trillion dollar wars In Afghanistan and Iraq that were impossible to win while every Republican not named Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul cheered him on.  And of course, he created a police state at home with the Department of Homeland Security.

Obama took the healm and continued those wars proving that the Democrats are still horrible. He also successfully outdid Bush by instituting a Fascist takeover of the entire Healthcare industry, not to mention the auto industry, the student loan industry, and the home mortgage industry.  Obama also intervened in civil wars in Libya, Yemen, and Syria on the side of Jihadists for some insane reason while basically starting a civil war in Ukraine just to infuriate a nuclear armed Russia.  Sounds pretty bad right?  Surely the GOP would take advantage of this and return to their more sober 20th century roots which would be popular with the majority of the American people right?

Wrong.  The GOP has been completely taken over by Israel-first warmongers.  Dick Cheney, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc. all claim Obama is some kind of Peacenik who hasn’t been waging enough war and has somehow been selling out Israel.  Their foreign policy is to intervene in every war taking place on the planet (often on the side of Muslim fanatics or Nazis), while starting a war against Iran.  These maniacs make Obama, who is actually trying to make peace with Iran, seem like the more reasonable one.

And on the domestic front, the Republicans aren’t offering anything. They want to “repeal ObamaCare”, but that’s just to replace it with their own Fascist scheme and take credit for it.  They have no intention of scaling back the growth of government at all.  If anything, they want to grow it faster by building more useless weapons and starting more wars.

But don’t worry.  Just when you thought Democrats were becoming the less evil party, here comes Hillary Clinton to the rescue.  I’ll expand on this in later posts I’m sure, but this woman combines the worst elements of the American political class.  She’s a left wing, Israel-First, warmongering, neo-con, liberal interventionist, Socialist, Fascist, bankster-loving, multiculturist, crazy-fucking-bitch.  I can’t imagine the offspring of Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi conceived in Hell being much worse.