Police killed 1,186 people in 2015

That’s according to killedbypolice.net.  I can’t vouch for its accuracy.  Some thoughts.

As much as I dislike police, that doesn’t seem to be that high a number.  I mean there are somewhere around 320,000,000 people in this country.  If you want to have armed revenue collectors patrolling every single town basically looking for trouble, there are bound to be some casualties.

19 Americans were killed by Islamic Terrorists in 2015.  I guess if Obama’s still spending hundreds of billions of dollars fighting Bush’s War on Terror and that only killed 19 people, it makes sense that he’d start a “War on Cops.”  I mean cops kill way more Americans.

About 500 whites were killed by police in 2015.  That’s more than any other racial or ethnic group.  A little over 300 Blacks were killed.  I don’t recall any riots or protests over any of the whites that were killed.  I don’t remember Obama making any comments about them either.

Now I don’t condone riots for any reason, and protests are usually a waste of time. And Obama can go fuck himself.  But cops are equal opportunity killers.  They are equal opportunity harassers.  They are equal opportunity thieves.  They are not your friend whether you’re white, black, brown or yellow.  White people shouldn’t automatically love the cops just because some left wing black racists hate them.

Trump voters are “stupid white people”

So says a big shot in the Democrat Party establishment.  He’s white.


Why exactly should white people vote for Democrats?  Last time I checked, white people still make up a majority of voters.  I mean obviously bankers, lawyers, college professors, public school teachers, welfare leeches, and Federal government employees benefit financially from some of the DC Democrats’ preferred looting and spending programs.  But I think that’s still a relatively small minority of white Americans.  What is Hillary offering the rest of us other than insults?

I’m not a Trump supporter, but at least he’s not openly hostile to the majority ethnic group in this country. (At this point I consider white “Anglos” an ethnic group).

Nobel Peace Prize winner promises to wage Afghan War to the bitter end

Obama will leave behind 8,400 troops in Afghanistan for his successor.  See the Regime doesn’t care about winning wars.  They just don’t want to officially lose wars.  So as long as you keep troops somewhere you can pretend to be making progress and just pass the buck to the next guy or gal.  Well at least John McCain won’t get upset and Lockheed can earn a few extra bucks this year.

It’s quite amusing how Obama just “listened to the general.”  Such a cowardly way to run foreign policy.  Has Obama ever thought for himself when it comes to the various wars he’s gotten his government involved in?  Or does he just do what the war pigs tell him?

Of course Killery was never going to be indicted

The Clintons can do whatever they want.  They’ve killed hundreds of thousands of people and gotten away with it.  They’ve taken tens of millions of dollars in bribes.  And most of the time they haven’t even tried to hide it.  It’s all been out in the open.  Did anyone really think this vile woman would finally go to jail over some emails that weren’t secured properly?

The Attorney General said she’d just listen to what the FBI recommended rather than make her own decision.  She had to know what the FBI was going to say so this was just a coward’s way out.  Of course the Clintons like surrounding themselves with cowards who follow orders so she’ll be rewarded with continued employment should Hitlery claw her way back into the White House.

The FBI director Comey was never going to stand up to them.  These are evil, evil people that could destroy his life if he crossed them.  Having gone along with this travesty of justice, he will likely be rewarded with a cushy job at a defense contractor or bank that’s on the Federal dole.

Anyone who doesn’t think that Hillary is a corrupt liar, is not paying attention.  But then, most people don’t pay attention to these kinds of things.  This email scandal is somewhat of a distraction anyway.  We don’t even know what was in those emails so it’s hard to get people really excited over this.  What Americans should be concerned about is that this woman has destroyed several countries, taken bribes from foreign governments, killed countless people, and wants to continue to import a massive influx of foreigners from radically different cultures into the United States.

Vote for Trump.  Vote for Gary Johnson.  Don’t Vote.  I couldn’t blame you for any of these decisions.


Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day is one of the holidays I rather like.  Many that have no religious roots are simply celebrations of government or a government figure.  Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day have devolved into orgies of military worship.  Labor Day was basically a holiday to celebrate unions and now it’s just an excuse to not perform any labor for a day. Presidents’ Day is where we’re taught how great presidents are especially the ones that started wars or passed the most laws.

However, Independence Day is not, strictly speaking, a celebration of the US Government. The Washington regime we currently suffer under was not formed on July 4, 1776. That would be 1788 when the Constitution was ratified.  Rather, This holiday marks the day that thirteen separate states declared their independence from the British Empire.  It’s a celebration of decentralization, and that is almost always something worth celebrating.

Many of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence went onto serve in the eventual US government that was officially created twelve years later.  So in that sense it’s a founding document of that same government.  But most, if not all of these men would certainly be disgusted with the monstrosity that Washington, DC morphed into.

I find it interesting that the media and many politicians have taken to calling this day simply “The Fourth of July.”  I believe this is done with a purpose in mind.  They want this holiday to be thought of as the birth of the current United State, rather than the actual history which is several states seceding from a larger central government mainly to lower their tax burden.

I prefer to celebrate the tax rebellion.  Sometimes I think we need another one.