Media Bias?

I decided to start examining the New York Times to see how much bias there really is there. It is the news outlet most revered by the Establishment in the US after all. Is it anti-GOP, anti-conservative, anti-white, etc. So let’s see what today’s website has in store. I don’t have the time or desire to read every article so we’ll have to go mainly off headlines.

News stories:

  1. Drug overdoses dropped – no racial angle in the headline.
  2. Notre Dame came close to collapse – nothing there
  3. Drug Lord El Chapo gets life in prison – no signs of any political/racial bias.
  4. Divisive Words Not to Trump’s Strategy for Re-election -This plus two accompanying anti-Trump articles under “Politics”
  5. Celebration of John Paul Stevens as a “Liberal Champion” – 2 separate articles coming from a clear anti-conservative, anti-libertarian angle
  6. 16 Black Chefs Changing Food in America – Cleary takes an anti-white stance stating that Eurocentric culinary traditions are bad

Opinion Pieces

  1. Anti-Trump piece from Thomas Friedman, the supposed “conservative” writer they keep on staff
  2. Frank Bruni calls Trump’s tweets racist
  3. Alex Kingsbury hates Trump
  4. Shoshanna Saxe is against “Smart” cities – no clear bias in the headline at least.
  5. Thomas Edsall Integration vs. White Intransigence – Whites are racist essay
  6. Robert Saviano writes about El Chapo – no clear bias
  7. Editorial Board wants a cop fired for killing Eric Garner. Likely has a racial angle, but can’t be totally sure without subscribing.
  8. Hiba Hafiz has some anti-Uber piece
  9. Michelle Cottle writes what I will assume is an anti-Trump piece regarding his twitter feud with some Democratic congresswomen
  10. David Leonhardt writes about “hard immigration questions”
  11. Miriam Pawel writes something negative about California-not sure what that is
  12. Some black woman writes an article about “White Privilege”
  13. Google Glass may help autistic children
  14. Some article about how stories about kindness or goodness are bad.

So my estimated summary of the situation today on July 17, 2019 is the following:

7 anti-Trump articles

2 articles celebrating John Paul Stevens as a heroic liberal

3 articles critical of white people in some way

2 that I would guess are at least anti-Conservative, but I can’t tell for sure

6 seem to have no clear political angle

Nothing critical of any minorities or Democrats.