Black Hebrew Israelites strike again

Remember when all the State propaganda outlets joined together to lie to the citizenry and defame white males back in January? The story’s been memory-holed of course, but if you’ll recall, a group of white Catholic kids was on a field trip to the imperial capital when a number of black people began taunting them with racial insults. In the midst of this verbal abuse, an old Indian banged a drum in some white kid’s face. The corporate media immediately reframed this where because the kid smiled, he was somehow “disrespecting” the Indian “elder” and exhibiting “white privilege” and racism. The group of black people shouting racial slurs was completely ignored at first. Then when alternative media reported the actual facts of what had happened, they completely misrepresented this black supremacist group as old fashioned harmless street corner preachers.

Well, guess what, some Black Hebrew Israelites have just murdered some Jews in New Jersey. This doesn’t fit the narrative of evil whites so I imagine this will get dropped in the next few days. This story’s way too uncomfortable to even be used to advance gun-grabbing.