Fearmongering press

Here is the headline from Daily Mail:

BREAKING NEWS: I WILL defy the doctors says Donald Trump claiming ‘our people want to return to work’ and ‘seniors will be watched over’ despite medical experts warning his back to business plan could kill MILLIONS

Now the part about defying doctors is notably not in quotes so while I don’t watch these horrible press conferences/campaign events, I doubt he actually said that. Plus, I know you can find some doctors and “medical experts” that agree the quarantine is worse than the potential destruction of the coronavirus so that’s obviously misleading. Not every doctor agrees with the politicians on this just like not every “scientist” agrees with the politicians on global warming or other fear tactics.

I want to know exactly who these experts are that are saying millions will die. I know they have way fo manipulating the death counts, but if people go back to work and they’re only able to come up with deaths somewhere in the thousands, will there be any consequences for these scare tactics? Will people saying we need to quarantine for months and months to save over two million from dying face any consequences?

I suppose Democrat governors will keep the lockdowns in place in their states and take credit for saving everybody’s life while they destroy the economy. So we can then argue endlessly over whether the quarantines saved significant numbers of people without these fearmongers ever having to take ownership of their irresponsible predictions.

Are Americans ready for a real depression?

Most people seem content to completely shut down the entire Western world’s economy in the hope that it saves some (mostly sick, mostly elderly) lives from the coronavirus. Now it’s sad when anyone dies, but I hope these same people are ready to stand on breadlines. I hope they’re ready for increased violence in our cities and marshall law declared in many population centers. I hope they’re ready for 25% or higher unemployment. I think these people are underestimating the potential death that could result from the response to this coronavirus. How many people do we need to save for this to be worth it? How will we know how many would have died without these draconian measures? How will we calculate the increased deaths resulting from another Great Depression?


There are so many contradictions surrounding this Coronavirus hysteria. Consider…

  1. The right has been saying for several years now that we can’t believe the media or Democratic politicians, but yet they are swallowing every sensational news story from the media and backing everything the Democratic governors are telling them.
  2. The left has been saying Trump is a Tyrant and he wants to take over America and rule with an iron fist. But now they are saying he hasn’t done enough to contain the virus despite shutting down the entire economy and practically ordering everyone nationwide to stay in their homes. It doesn’t even enter their heads that maybe he’s not being entirely truthful despite the fact they claim he’s lied about everything for three years and even colluded with Russia to destroy democracy.
  3. We’re expected to believe the same State Establishment and media that has lied to the American public so many times in recent years with dire consequences: WMDs in Iraq, Russiagate, The Gulf of Tonkin, Babies being pulled from Incubators in Kuwait, Assad using chemical weapons, the Kennedy Assassination, Pearl Harbor, Bin Laden planning 9/11 in Afghanistan, and on and on and on.

Gutless politicians

You’d think there would be at least one politician somewhere who would offer the opinion that all this Corona Quarantine nonsense is overkill and probably making things worse for the majority of Americans. I know it’s an unfashionable opinion, but I’m sure it’s shared by a sizable minority in the USA and probably around the world. And that share of the population will grow if this “State of Emergency” extends beyond a few weeks and the total dead remains relatively low when compared to things like the regular flu, tuberculosis, etc. that routinely kill hundreds of thousands each year.

Seriously, not a single politician anywhere will say this? Maybe an obscure congressman from out West who wants to make a name for himself? A governor of a rural state? A Mayor of a mid-size city? No one?

Tough questions about Corona

Pat Buchanan wrote a thoughtful article about how long Americans can be expected to go along with the panic caused by the State and its propaganda wing (the media). The majority of the sheeple are hunkering down in their homes and doing whatever the serious men and women on television tell them to do to stop the spread of this virus that is so far affecting a tiny percentage of the population and seems to kill elderly sick people. But how long can they really be expected to go along with this? Even the hardcore alarmists and the most enthusiastic believers can only watch their quality of life deteriorate and their savings vanish for so long before they rebel. Are they really going to stay indoors all summer? Especially if they haven’t gotten sick and no one they know has gotten sick?

Here come the bailouts

No time for debate. That would be, in Chuck Schumer’s words “ridiculous.” 122 sick and dying people died, possibly a bit sooner than if they had not caught a virus going around. EVERYTHING MUST SHUT DOWN!!! But don’t worry because the FedGov will save everybody by handing over a trillion dollars to favored industries and forcing small businesses who were forced to shut down to pay extra money to their employees who aren’t allowed to work (big, politically connected businesses are exempt).

And where will they get a trillion dollars? “Borrow” from the Federal Reserve I guess. The same central bank that just flooded the market with trillions of dollars to push down interest rates.

I’m sure this will all work out well. Thank God our overlords in Washington love us so much and want to help.

Right-wing conformists

Most of the interesting commentators on the so-called “Alt-Right”, seem to be quite accepting of the fearmongering coming from the local and federal governments here in the USA, the mainstream media, and even international organizations like the WHO regarding the Coronavirus. The same people who (usually correctly) doubt the propaganda we are fed when it comes to Russiagate or Global Warming, who hate the UN, are swallowing the worst-case scenarios on this virus that has so far killed less than 100 people in the US. They seem to dismiss out of hand the thought that the ruling class may be lying to us. They slander anyone who doubts the severity of this outbreak.

It’s quite a shame. Obviously, I can’t know what the final death toll will be and it appears I’ve already underestimated it (although if some 85 year old with cancer catches the Coronavirus and dies, does that really count?). But we should continue to be very sceptical that the State that lies constantly about the need to murder people overseas is telling us the truth or has our best interests at heart. Especially when they are practically imposing Marshal Law on our entire country! I thought the Right was finally coming around and learning to treat the Regime in Washington and its allies in the press as their enemy. I guess I was overly optimistic.