Evil dictator continues to order his subjects muzzled

Phil Murphy, a Goldman Sachs bankster born and raised in Massachusetts and currently Governor of NJ, has decided to be the only tyrant left in America still requiring people to mask up and pretend it does something other than show compliance to his tyranny.

“The majority of New Jerseyans are still unvaccinated, and keeping this mandate in place in public settings protects you, your family, essential workers, and our entire community,”

He says this without having to show evidence that masks have done anything to stop the spread of COVID. It’s just a given now that masks work. Strange that no one ever tried this before over thousands of years of human civilizations grappling with airborne diseases.

“All of our metrics show one thing – at this moment together, we are as good if not better than any state in America in winning this war,”

He says this as if he cares about his subjects and has done a great job “protecting” them from the scary virus. Although if you want to check on a thing called reality, NJ has THE WORST DEATH RATE IN THE WORLD behind only Hungary. Literally only one country on the entire planet has done a worse job than this bastard who intentionally spread COVID in nursing homes back in March 2020.

He’s also in the process of getting his dictatorial powers certified by the legislature so he can drop his phony State of Emergency while still forcing residents to bend their knee to any edict he wishes to impose on them, no matter how absurd or counterproductive.

You’d think the opposition party would want to oppose him. And they do. Here’s a quote from some guy named Michael Testa who is supposedly a Republican state senator:

“With the CDC clearly stating that masks serve no public health purpose, Pennsylvania, New York and many other states have already lifted restrictions or announced plans to do so this week,” Testa added. “Instead of following the science here in New Jersey, we have a governor who continues to restrict personal freedoms to cater to the irrational fears of a timid liberal constituency.”

The second half of that is fine I suppose, and basically true. However, anyone who actually values “personal freedoms” should not be citing the CDC to justify their attacks on these tyrannical despots that have made our lives miserable for the past 14 months. The CDC was backing up these lockdowns and mask mandates until a few days ago. If you attack your opponents for not following their guidelines now, then the next time they whip the media and public into a frenzy about some new disease, you’ll have no argument against following whatever insane policies the Tony Faucis of the world prescribe to fight it.

The CDC should be abolished, and at the State and local level ignored and ridiculed. Put that in the Republican platform if you actually want to inspire anyone. But as usual, the GOP will be outmaneuvered and cede 99% of the argument to their Democrat colleagues. Republicans love being professional losers. It pays well.