Ukraine can’t win

The armchair warriors are out in full force on social media today often attaching cute little Ukrainian flags to their profiles.

I hate to break it to these clowns acting all tough from the safety of their home offices in the USA, but this is not a damn video game. They are urging the Ukrainians to fight a war they can’t win. To the death. Meaning most of them die.

And not just the standard military either. Reports are coming out that all men aged 18-60 are forbidden from leaving the country and are facing conscription into the army.

Ukraine will not win this war. Russia’s military is much more powerful than theirs. If they hold out, tens of thousands will die, their cities will be destroyed, and they’ll still lose the disputed regions in the East permanently. They’ll face occupation for as long as Russia can afford it politically and financially.

They need to surrender, concede the Eastern territories, guarantee they won’t seek NATO membership and make the best of a bad situation.

Yes, Putin is the aggressor. He had no right to invade Ukraine despite all the provocations from NATO and the US. But facts are facts and these chickenhawks urging them to continue fighting what’s essentially a suicide mission for many of them is not going to change the reality on the ground.

The US and NATO aren’t going to protect the Ukrainian people. They’re going to give their government weapons that will just enable them to continue a self-destructive resistance which will fail in the short term and leave their country in ruins regardless of whether it ultimately drives the Russians back.