Mitt Romney’s Allegiance

Which country does Mittens want to be president of?

On whose behalf does he want to commit American blood and treasure?

4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Allegiance

    • Define affordable. I work two jobs. Neither of them pedivors insurance. I am very healthy, with two visits to a doctor over the past thirty five years for other than an annual checkup.And I paid cash EVERY time, so your claim about uninsureds making ER visits is plain bunk.I’m 54 by the way. I am able to pay my bills easily. However, If I were forced to buy health insurance, I would have financial difficulty. There is NO WAY I’ll be forced out of my home so that the chronically sick will have their health care subsidized by a healthy person like me!May I have a comment from HCFA as to whether you libs would support fines for the obese (Who do more than their fair share in contributing to the health crisis )?

    • Oh and one more thing HCFA: Do you libs really think that those of us fecrod to buy insurance will not make runs to the doctors on a weekly basis, just to get our money’s worth ? You would be wrong if you thought that way. If I have Quality, affordable, health care shoved down my throat, I promise you, I’ll visit my doctor as often as I can, leaving you unable to make an appointment. Where will you be then?

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