Paul Ryan wants to pass Obamatrade.

Rumors are that should Romney’s VP candidate ascend to Speaker of the House, he will “strong arm” Obama’s trade deal through Congress.  This will simply reinforce the fact that the two parties work together to further the interests of powerful global corporations. To be anti-State is, in a sense, to be anti-Big Business.

There are plenty of reasons to oppose the TPP.  It actually gives more power to bureaucrats to dictate the terms of trade.  It supposedly has all kinds of nonsense about “climate change” and immigration that have nothing to do with trade.  It’s a secret deal so that means Obama and the global elites who wrote the bill for him don’t want average Americans, Koreans, Canadians, Australians, etc. to read it because they know it will be unpopular.

But the bottom line is this: Free trade means the government getting out of the way and letting any citizens under its control trade with anyone they want.  It doesn’t require one government to reach an agreement with another government.  Free trade is unilateral.  If we had free trade in the USA, then Americans could engage in unrestricted commerce with people anywhere on the planet.  It wouldn’t matter what China or Japan did.  Their citizens might have to abide by restrictive laws when trading with Americans, but Americans could do whatever they want.

That’s free trade.  If you don’t like it then fine.  Argue your case.  But don’t pretend that TPP or NAFTA or GATT or any other government acronym advances free trade.

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