Why I hate Bernie Sanders

1. He’s made Income and Wealth Inequality his number one issue.  It’s true, that the banksters and war profiteers have used government to rip off the average American citizen.  But Bernie’s solution of more government is not going to stop that.  And the wealth gap itself is not a problem.  He’s framing the issue in a way that appeals to people’s envy. He acts as though we’d all be better off with a lower standard of living as long as there weren’t any billionaires.

2. He included some idiotic quote by Comrade Pope Francis on his website.

3. He wants you to pay for other people’s college education.  I’m against this on principle. He wants to make public universities free.  I’d say get rid of public universities.  But what really drives me crazy is that part of his solution is to lower interest rates on student loans. Letting 18 year old kids borrow tens of thousands of dollars regardless of whether they are likely to pay it back allows private colleges to charge outrageous tuition fees so that they can fatten administrators’ salaries.  This whole thing is a wealth transfer from middle class kids and taxpayers to wealthy deans.  I thought “Socialist” Bernie was against this.  Get the government out of the student loan business.

4. He wants to mandate a “living wage.”  He’s arbitrarily set this at $15.00 per hour.  As if somehow that’s enough to live.  This just outlaws anyone who isn’t worth $15/hr from working.  Of course as a new member of the Democrat Party, he probably figures those who can’t find work can just vote Democrat and leech off the more productive members of society.

5. He goes on and on about “racial justice,”  To be fair, he favors a few good policies under this banner such as ending the drug war and demilitarizing police.  However, he’s presenting the issue in a way designed to make black people hate white people.  This type of language like “Black Lives Matter” make it seem as though it’s white people’s fault that police are out of control.  This is divide and conquer style politics.

6. He wants to further subsidize immigration.  He wants more immigrants and he wants the government to pay for their education, healthcare, etc.

7. He wants to reform the Federal Reserve.  This might sound good, but it’s just naive.  A central bank will always take care of its fellow banksters.  If he really thinks politicians playing a bigger role in running it will make it better, he’s just wrong.  End the Fed.


8. He wants to force everyone in America to hire and do business with homosexuals and transgender people.  No surprise that he doesn’t believe in property rights.

9. Regarding Israel, he thinks

The U.S. must play a leading role in creating a two-state solution, which will require significant compromises from both sides.

Enough already!  The US has played a leading role for decades and the situation has only gotten worse.  Maybe we should just give up.  Could it be that the Israeli government and its supporters have more influence on US politicians than ordinary US citizens do?  Even “socialist” Bernie Sanders?

To be fair, he does support the Iran Deal.  So he seems to be less beholden to the Lobby than the average Senator.

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