American democracy is a sham

We’ve got roughly seven weeks left in 2015.  2016 is a presidential election year so all Americans will be bombarded with propaganda about how it’s our “duty” or “responsibility” to vote.  How we’ve got no right to complain about the government if we don’t vote.  How “democracy may not be perfect, but it’s the best form of government available,” etc. etc. etc.  As a result millions of people across this country will develop strong opinions on whether the Republicrat of the Democan should be our next fuhrer.  A hundred million people will cast their vote hoping to choose a new regime in Washington that will benefit them.

All of this, of course, is nonsense.

Let me start by saying I don’t think democracy is a legitimate form of government in the first place. I don’t believe Barack Obama’s legitimacy would be any different if he had marched an army into the White House 8 years ago and declared himself Emperor for Life.  The idea that 51% of the people can tell the other 49% what to do, how to live, how much of their money they’re allowed to keep, is simply the tyranny of the majority.  If 51% of the people think the other 49% should all become slaves, is that legitimate?

But despite what we may have been taught in the government schools, or what the talking heads on NBCFOXCNNCBSABC tell us, the United States is not a democracy.  I’m not referring to the fact that the constitution creating the current US government designed a republic rather than a democracy.  That’s true, but who cares?  The regime ceased to follow the rules on that piece of parchment the moment the ink dried.  No, my point is that the US State is not a democracy in the sense of the “rule of the majority” or “government by the people.”

First of all, the president rarely gets a majority of the popular vote.  Barack Obama is the first one since Jimmy Carter to actually get 50% of the vote.  Since the president has usurped most powers from Congress through bureaucratic regulations and his control of the military, presidential elections are basically the elections for the ruling regime.  So the government, in this sense rarely has 50% support from the voting public.  Where’s the “will of the majority” in this equation?  How are the “people” running this government?

Secondly, the popular vote doesn’t matter.  People are electing representatives for the electoral college to cast votes for president on their behalf.  Because of the way it’s set up, a person can have less votes than his opponent and still win.  This, of course happened in 2000 where Bush the Dumber had less votes than the Goracle, but won the electoral college.

Third, it’s not like anyone can run for president.  The two major political parties control the election process so you can only vote for a Republican or Democrat.  If you don’t like what either of these parties stand for, you can have no representation in government.

Fourth, the presidential candidates lie about what they’re going to do if elected.  For example, Barack Obama said he was going close the detention center at Guantamo Bay, but it’s still there.  George Bush said he was going to have a “humble” foreign policy and then launched massive invasions of two Asian countries.  How are these men representing the people in a democratic fashion when they do the exact opposite of what they said they were going to do?  There is no mechanism to remove them from office until their four year term is up.

Don’t forget to vote next November!

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