Trump kicks out black protester

Can Trump actually be president?  I still have my doubts, but if he keeps up this anti-PC attitude, he could probably win the GOP nomination.

And from there, against Killery?  He would get such a huge percentage of white men, and the anti-Clintons would turn out in such force that you never know.  Can Hitlery inspire women to vote for her just because of her aging, rotting vagina?  Or will Trump’s old Rosie O’Donnel insults turn enough of them off that they vote against him?  It all remains to be seen.  But keep this in mind if it is Trump vs the Great Satan: as hard as it is to believe, Hillary Clinton is a bigger warmonger, a bigger spender, and a bigger police state enthusiast than the Donald.  She’s obviously a bigger proponent of importing millions of third world peasants into the United States.  Trump is far from perfect.  I doubt I could bring myself to cast my worthless vote for him.  And I find it hard to believe if he manages to win the GOP nomination that the Deep State would actually let him prevail in the general election.  But he’s by far the lesser of two evils when it comes to Hillary, Jeb, Marco Rubio, or most of the other pretenders to the throne.

(Sorry Rand, I had such high hopes for you.  You may still be the best of the worst, but you sucked up to the devil early on.  So I have little sympathy for your poor showing now.)

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