Americans Going Native

Americans in 2015, don’t identify with what this country has become.  They feel like strangers in their own land.  This is what happens when you live in the heart of a global military empire.  The world currently operates on an economic system that was imposed by the United States government in the aftermath of its military victories in World War II. The paper money that the Federal Reserve prints up is what backs up all the rest of the world’s phony currencies.  The Dollar is still king.

What’s the result?  The government and financial capitals of this Empire, New York and Washington, can easily suck the wealth out of the rest of the world because they can literally create money out of thin air.  As a result millions of people all over the planet want to move closer to the belly of the beast to claim some of these ill gotten gains for themselves.  You make a lot more money being a cab driver in Manhattan than you do in Damascus these days.  The banksters with access to all this cash live in Manhattan.

Not everybody can move to the big East Coast cities of course, and Uncle Sam has spread the wealth around somewhat to placate the leeches in Congress.  So if you’re living on a Guatemalan dirt farm right now, plucking feathers off a chicken in a factory in Iowa probably sounds like a good deal.  Gotta supply the troops with industrial poultry after all and collect those farm subsidies.  Minimum wage in Sioux City beats subsistence farming in Central America.

Of course not content with the throngs of Spanish speaking mulattoes looking to cross the Rio Grande, Bush and Obama have seen fit to bomb the Hell out of some Asian countries over the last 15 years or so creating a refugee crisis.  Most of them have headed for Europe, the cradle of the Western Civilization America used to be a part of.  But Obama wants to use some of his Federal Reserve funny money to start importing a hundred thousand or so into good ‘ol Fly Over Country.  Does Islam make you a little “uncomfortable?”  Boy are you in for a treat!

Further complicating matters, the Bush/Obama regime has seen fit to take over local law enforcement and local educational systems.  Barack Hussein Obama’s view of what’s “normal” is now everyone else’s view too!  So now it’s illegal to not bake a cake for someone who’s chosen a lifestyle choice that seems “foreign” to you.  Your sons and daughters will respect the rights of boys to dress like girls or men to marry other men, if they want to get through the Government Schools unscathed.

So you horrible, racist, nativist, heterosexual, evil white male oppressor.  Don’t feel comfortable in the land where you grew up?  Where your father and grandfather grew up? Get used to it.  It’s changing faster than anyone even realizes and the Emperors love it.

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