Good for Tulsi Gabbard

I don’t know anything about this congresswoman from Hawaii other than what’s in this NY times article.  Based on what it says, I doubt I would agree with her on very much politically.  And she’s endorsing Bernie Sanders whom I hate.

However, I have to admire this latest stand Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has taken.  She showed some real devotion to principle when she resigned her post as vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.  The reason she did this was to endorse Bernie Sanders after Killery’s landslide win in South Carolina.  And this is why she says she did it:

“We can elect a president who will lead us into more interventionist wars of regime change, or we can elect a president who will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.”

I’m not sure I trust the Bern to usher in a new era of peace, much less prosperity. But I can’t help but have a soft spot for a politician who calls out the Clinton War Machine for its many contributions to death and destruction all over the globe, and the trillions of dollars wasted on it.  It takes some guts, particularly for someone with political aspirations in the Democratic party

Good for you Tulsi.

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