Police killed 1,186 people in 2015

That’s according to killedbypolice.net.  I can’t vouch for its accuracy.  Some thoughts.

As much as I dislike police, that doesn’t seem to be that high a number.  I mean there are somewhere around 320,000,000 people in this country.  If you want to have armed revenue collectors patrolling every single town basically looking for trouble, there are bound to be some casualties.

19 Americans were killed by Islamic Terrorists in 2015.  I guess if Obama’s still spending hundreds of billions of dollars fighting Bush’s War on Terror and that only killed 19 people, it makes sense that he’d start a “War on Cops.”  I mean cops kill way more Americans.

About 500 whites were killed by police in 2015.  That’s more than any other racial or ethnic group.  A little over 300 Blacks were killed.  I don’t recall any riots or protests over any of the whites that were killed.  I don’t remember Obama making any comments about them either.

Now I don’t condone riots for any reason, and protests are usually a waste of time. And Obama can go fuck himself.  But cops are equal opportunity killers.  They are equal opportunity harassers.  They are equal opportunity thieves.  They are not your friend whether you’re white, black, brown or yellow.  White people shouldn’t automatically love the cops just because some left wing black racists hate them.

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