Olympics just keep getting worse

The US media’s anti-Russia propaganda seems to be affecting the Olympics.  Maybe the “liberal” interventionist and the neo-con drive to reignite the Cold War was just to generate more interest in the very uninteresting Rio Games.  The “fans” who have been attending the swimming meets have been booing this poor girl named Yulia Efimova who represents Russia.

Many Russian athletes have been caught cheating by using banned substances, and their track team was not permitted to compete.  Yulia, who actually lives in California, has been getting the bulk of the abuse because she’s won two silver medals in swimming, and she was suspended a few years ago when she tested positive for a banned supplement.  If the Washington Post is to be believed (not normally a trustworthy source, but who knows), it may have just been an innocent mistake.

This isn’t Alex Rodriguez okay?  This isn’t someone being paid $20 million dollars a year. This is a young woman who’s spent her whole life training to swim in the Olympics.  I’m the first person to tell you that swimming is boring, and it’s kind of dumb for people to care about it for just one week every four years.  But if you are going to care this week, you should not show up and jeer this poor girl while you cheer everyone else.

Where’s the “Olympic spirit” we constantly hear about on NBC?

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