Washington escalating new Cold War against Russia

“US Officials” are considering new economic sanctions against Russia in retaliation for the embarrassing DNC emails published by Wikileaks.

This is clearly designed to focus attention on something other than the corruption of the Democratic Party.  The leaks that Putin is supposedly responsible for showed that the DNC rigged the primary contest for Hillary. The Obama regime has offered no evidence to support their assertions.  They just keep repeating “The Russians did it!” and  the media dutifully reports this propaganda.

Besides, does anyone think that Washington doesn’t hack other government’s emails? We know the NSA was spying on nominal allies such as Germany.  Israel has been caught stealing US government secrets numerous times, and yet they are given billions in aid every year.  But when Russia allegedly does the same thing, the warmongers in DC attempt to impoverish their citizens.

If you want World War III, by all means vote Democrat in 2016!

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