Obama tells Laotians that Americans get all racist when they’re stressed out

Image result for obama in laosThe guy’s totally off the rails.  He doesn’t care what average Americans think of him anymore.  He knows the court historians will praise him as the second coming of Lincoln and FDR combined so his legacy is safe.  But some of his comments here are ridiculous:

“When suddenly things are harder, people start saying, ‘Ah, you know what, this is the fault of the Chinese,’ or ‘This is the fault of Jews,’ or ‘This is the fault of the Houthi,’ or whatever,” Obama said.

Yeah everybody knows the Jews are real oppressed these days in the USA.  And I hate all those damn rednecks who try to blame the poor innocent Houthi for everything.  (Obama failed to mention all the Houthi he himself has killed.)

I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on Obama.  Maybe he’s just trying to get less Laotians to move to America by warning them of the evil racists residing here.  He’s doing everybody a favor.  We evil Americans won’t have our racism get all flared up by seeing some dude from Vientiane walking down our street, and the Laotians won’t have to put up with all the horrors that come with being Asian in the United States.

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“Because we have people that came from everywhere, we have people of all different types for every sport,” he said. “So we have really tall people to play basketball or to swim. We have little people for gymnastics. Right? We have, genetically, for whatever sport, we have people who fit the sport, right?”

So Obama’s acknowledging different races have different athletic ability.  Are there any other differences between races?  I thought race was just a social construct.

Is winning a bunch of Olympic medals really a good reason to have unlimited immigration? First off, I don’t care how well the US Olympic team does.  Even if I did, the US did pretty well back in the days when our immigrant population was much lower.  And what about our most recent immigrants from Honduras, India, and El Salvador that have been coming here in record numbers of late.  Do those three countries normally perform well in the Olympics?  Do we have any reason to believe we’re getting their best athletes by letting in millions of them?

Obviously US Olympic performance is a stupid reason.  Only wealthy liberals could possibly think that having a foreign born population approaching 50 million is automatically good because it makes our athletic competitions better.  Or because we have more ethnic restaurants to choose from.  Or because our music scene is more diverse.  These are all reasons Obama cited why multiculturalism is good.

I would have thought maybe the economic and social well being of the native born population would be slightly more important.  But that’s just plain racist of me.

1 thought on “Obama tells Laotians that Americans get all racist when they’re stressed out

  1. Laotians that they need to know about their neighbors, f k Thai and Laos were just alike and Lao and Cambodia used to be a part of Thailand s kingdom before the damn French colonized them. Right, American people are lazy, Buck Ofama s arrogance, Hubris, and Evil have set the stage for war.

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