Mitt Romney Actually Understands Monetary Policy???

Check out this quote from Mittens:

“Recognize that as the Federal Reserve keeps on trying to stimulate the economy by printing more money, that there’s a cost to that. The value of your savings goes down. People who are living on fixed incomes don’t see much interest income anymore, and the value of the dollar goes down, and the risk for long term inflation goes up.”

This is a tribute to Ron Paul’s campaign of awareness about the Federal Reserve. It’s now good politics for Republicans to criticize easy money and point out how it hurts savers at the expense of debtors.

Mittens doesn’t go far enough of course. He should point out that this is designed to fuel the rise of stock prices, while devaluing the currency. The Fed helps the banks at the expense of almost everybody else. It also allows the government to run huge deficits to fund its wars and other political spending.

I don’t believe for a second Mittens would actually change anything if he were elected. He would probably not renominate Bernanke, but that alone won’t solve anything. He won’t want to raise taxes and he’s already promised to continue running budget deficits, so he’ll need the Fed’s easy money.

Here’s someone who tells the truth about the whole disgusting thing:

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Actually Understands Monetary Policy???

    • Why do @cupocity303 Why do you troll Mitt Romney’s channel? If pelpoe were as mesmerized by Ron Paul as you seem to be, they would surely go to Ron Paul’s channel, instead of coming to Mitt Romney. You’re not winning Romney’s supporters over to Ron Paul, you’re alienating us. Have you no respect for our choice, our freedom to support Mitt Romney, as you expect the same for yourself supporting Ron Paul?Ron Paul is´╗┐ an extremist. Dems, Mods, Inds and even some Reps fear most of his extremist positions. +2Was this answer helpful?

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