Gary Johnson is a clown

Is this really the best the Libertarian Party could do?  Such a wasted opportunity.  With both Killery and the Donald loathed by a large portion of the electorate, the LP could have really advanced the cause of actual Liberty.  But instead they went with the guy they thought could get 15% of the vote.  Maybe he’s got a shot at that modest goal, but I doubt it.

The guy thinks HIllary was a “fine public servant.”  He’s supported the Afghan War.  His VP pick is basically a neocon in the mold of Mitt Romney.  He favors the continued illegality of “discrimination” by private businesses.  He’s for open borders.

He’s kind of libertarian-ish on a lot of issues, but he’s not a real libertarian.  And he doesn’t act like a serious candidate.  The LP made the wrong choice.  Again.

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