Obama to declare people from Middle-East non-white

The Obama regime wants to hasten the end of the white majority of the United States by declaring 10 million people previously considered white to be “Middle Eastern.”  If he gets his way it will take effect in four years.

It also means they can enjoy preferential treatment from the government such as:

• Enforcing the Voting Rights Act and drawing congressional and state legislative district boundaries;

• Establishing federal affirmative action plans and evaluating claims of employment discrimination in employment in the private sector;

• Monitoring discrimination in housing, mortgage lending and credit;

• Enforcing school desegregation policies; and

• Helping minority-owned small businesses get federal grants and loans.

All of these policies are basically designed at this point to discriminate against whites so naturally everybody who can claim some portion of their ancestry outside of Northern Europe wants to be considered non-white.

Regardless of which race or ethnicity benefits, the Federal Government has no right to be doing any of these things other than drawing congressional legislative districts.

Here’s a quote from some Egyptian professor in Texas who has been agitating for Arabs to be officially minoritized:

“I think with him being the first African-American president and being an obvious example of making the American fabric more diverse, that this could be great sign of inclusion about what it means to be an American,”

Please explain to me what exactly it does mean to be an American.  As far as I can tell it means being in the tax jurisdiction known as the United States and saying you’re American. That’s about it.  Melting pot indeed.

Sorry if I don’t get all weepy when I see the flag or hear the War National Anthem.

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