Warmongering Hillary

Of course this isn’t a Trump add.  It’s something put together by Infowars.  A site normally dismissed by all “respectable” people in the world.  I doubt it will be seen by many people who are actually considering voting for Killary.

Still, I’m reminded of some history lesson I taught myself (my public school education didn’t discuss such matters) regarding the 1964 election.  Here’s an official LBJ campaign add that aired on NBC at a time when that network commanded at least 1/3 of the US television audience.

So it’s nice to see the Democrats getting a small taste of their own medicine.  This ad was the start of their successful attempt to brand themselves as the party of peace despite getting this country embroiled in war after war after war after war.

The Democrats have been a party of war for over a century.  LBJ himself, after releasing this ad and defeating Barry Goldwater in a landslide, escalated Vietnam to a point where close to 60,000 Americans and millions of Indochinese were slaughtered for no reason. With the exception of a brief interlude in the 1970s McGovern and Jimmy Carter era, they never met a war they didn’t like.  The Republicans have usually been terrible on the issue of war and peace, at least since Nixon.  But the Democrats have managed to brainwash the last few generations of Americans into believing they are somehow less bellicose, less likely to engage in needless overseas violence, and less likely to start World War III. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s nice to see Republicans, with the advent of Trump, at least paying some lip service to the notion that avoiding war is actually good.  We need it now more than ever as Hillary Clinton is the most unhinged warmonger outside John McCain to win a major party’s nomination in my lifetime.  Even with a Democrat presidential victory, perhaps some members of the GOP can learn from Trump’s dominant Primary campaign and actually oppose further aggression against Syria, Russia, China, Iran, or whoever the latest bogeyman turns out to be.

The USA needs an actual opposition party to the War Party.  We haven’t had one in a very long time.

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