The war wing of the Republican party backs Obama

McCain, Graham, and Ryan all back soon to be ex-Emperor Obama in his effort to reignite the Cold War with Russia on his way out the White House door.  These are sick, disgusting individuals who would gladly risk World War III to advance their globalist agenda where the Washington regime would effectively run a worldwide Military Empire.

Trump should expel them from the party.  They were obviously doing whatever they could to get Clinton elected.  They failed, and now they’ll be as bad as any Democrat in undermining any peace overtures that President Trump might offer to any foreign government.

They want permanent war all the time.  They want all foreign heads of states to bow down before them.  They want to bomb anyone who defies them.  They want “boots on the ground” everywhere.

They should join the Bushes and Clintons in the ashtray of history.

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