NYT on 8.16.19

Let’s take a look at what stories/propaganda the Media have chosen to shove in our faces today

  1. A Muslim congresswoman won’t visit the West Bank on her trip to Israel. No reflection on why dozens of Congressmen visit Israel every year.
  2. Israel supporters are concerned Rift could Damage Ties to U.S. No word on how the Palestinians feel about it. I wonder how Russia supporters feel about that whole story the NYT obsessed about for two years that turned out to be fake and whether that damaged the US-Russia relationship?
  3. Cathay Pacific C.E.O. resigned after criticism from the Chinese government over its employees’ participation in Hong Kong protests. This story seems designed to make people worry about China. We have to constantly have enemies.
  4. Trump approves fighter jet sales to Taiwan. Slightly anti-Trump angle it appears, but not sure they’re really pushing for better or worse relations with China at this point.

Opinion Pieces

  1. Thomas Friedman thinks Trump is poisoning relations with Israel because some Muslim congresswomen got in a fight with Netanyahu.

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