Quick look at NYT on 8.29.19

  1. Jeffrey Epstein article – about how he recruited girls. It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with which politicians/celebrities were raping them. Also nothing about his “suicide”.
  2. Comey gets a “rebuke” over leaked memos about Trump. It doesn’t appear to look into why he’s not being charged with anything.
  3. E.P.A. rolling back regulations on methane. I supposed this warrants media coverage from any perspective although my guess is it will be presented with extreme bias
  4. U.S. ends a program allowing sick migrants to stay for treatment. So I guess we’re supposed to think it’s good for sick people from anywhere in the world to come to the USA for free medical care. Never mind the cost, the spread of disease, the fact that we’re constantly told we have a bad system here to begin with, the idea that sick people should be wandering the desert, etc.


  1. Article bashing the assisted living industry
  2. The FEC can’t do its job unless it fills some vacant seats (I’d guess this will be extremely anti-Trump)
  3. Something about misleading hurricane coverage
  4. Something about genetics and sexuality. I’m 99% sure this is something celebrating homosexuals.
  5. Something about Trump “slipping”.
  6. Something about the East/West divide in Germany
  7. Puff piece about the first woman on the Harvard faculty
  8. Somebody claiming to tell the truth about Johnson & Johnson
  9. An article mocking Trump with the phrase “adults in the room”

So let’s see. 1 anti-Trump/Pro-immigration news story. The other three don’t take a clear stance on Trump based on the short descriptions available.

Under opinion there rare 2 clearly anti-Trump articles and a Feminist article.

A rather tame day at the NYT. Usual leftist bias on which topics to cover and how to cover them, but nothing clearly bashing whitey on their front page.

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