A few phrases and terms I wish I never have to hear again

I’m so sick of how the Media in this country gets everyone to use ridiculous terms and phrases made up by Left-Wing activists. Things we’d never heard of a few years ago, we’re now shamed into repeating ad nauseam while having them shoved down our throats every time we go online or turn on our television sets. This is how views that were thought of as common sense at the turn of the century are now considered horrible racist ideology less than two decades later.

Here are some things I wish I never had to hear again:

  1. Diversity is Our Strength
  2. People of Color
  3. Migrants
  4. LGBTQ
  5. White Supremacist
  6. White Nationalist
  7. Neo-Nazi
  8. Racist
  9. Legacy of Slavery
  10. Mansplaining
  11. Woke
  12. Trans Community
  13. Believe all Women
  14. #metoo
  15. Black Lives Matter
  16. White Privilege
  17. Nation of Immigrants
  18. Doxing
  19. Cisgender
  20. Homophobic
  21. Transphobic
  22. Islamophobic
  23. Anti-semitic
  24. Latinx

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