1/3 of Americans are “Conspiracy Theorists”

That’s roughly how many think Jeffrey Epstein was murdered according to some polls. Using the term “conspiracy theory” as a way of dismissing an idea that powerful people may have intentionally done something nefarious and then lied about it has always amused me. Obviously there are conspiracies. Two or more people get together and decide or plan on doing something bad then that’s a conspiracy. So it’s just plain stupid to pretend this never happens.

And of course, we often find out that what was deemed as a crazy conspiracy theory turned out to be true. How many times did the US State conspire to lead the country into war? Yet at the time, very few people questioned the assertions that lead to aggressive military actions that killed thousands.

Here are a few examples for the historically ignorant:

  1. USS Maine explosion blamed on the Spanish in 1898. Led to the Spanish-American War.
  2. The Lusitania that was sunk by Germans in 1915 was carrying munitions to the British. Helped lead to America’s entry into WWI.
  3. Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 was intentionally provoked and allowed to happen. Led to America’s entry into WWII.
  4. Gulf of Tonkin incident was a blatant lie. Led to the US escalation of the Vietnam War.
  5. Lies that Saddam’s troops were ripping babies off incubators and bayonetting them. Helped lead to US intervention in the First Gulf War.
  6. Lies that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction that he planned to give to Islamic terrorists. Led to US attack on Iraq.

Weren’t these all conspiracies? Powerful men and women “conspiring” to mislead the US public so that they would support overseas military interventions?

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