Why can’t someone primary Lindsey Graham into retirement?

He could go be a Fox Analyst or maybe write for the Washington Post. He could join some neocon think tank. Maybe he could team up with Cindy McCain and dedicate his life to curating a John McCain Museum of Death and Destruction. It would be easier for Libertarians and other non-interventionists to ignore him if he wasn’t a sitting US Senator.

But unfortunately his tweets get almost as much attention as Trump’s:

It gets tiring to try to confront this line of “reasoning” based on ignorance, but here’s a real quick rebuttal:

WWII: Germany never intended to or had the capability to attack the United States. Japan attacked the United States as a response to Roosevelt’s oil embargo and refusal to negotiate. FDR intended for Pearl Harbor to happen so he could back his way into the European War. (Not to mention, why is Hawaii part of the United States?)

9/11: Bill Clinton had starved hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq while his UN ambassador bragged about it on national television.

Plus there were US Troops in Saudi Arabia and a one-sided approach to the Israel-Palestine issue.

So “Isolationism” has never been tried since WWI on any foreign policy issue and Lindsay Graham should just shut up and retire already.

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