A few questions for all these people on Facebook so concerned about the poor Kurds in Syria

When did you first hear about Kurds?

Where do most Kurds live?

What makes someone a Kurd?

What religion are Kurds?

How many Kurds are there?

Should Kurdistan be an independent country? If so what should its borders be?

Are you in favor of continued US membership in NATO?

Are you aware Turkey is a NATO member?

Should the United States declare war on Turkey to defend the Kurds?

If the United States goes to war against another NATO member, what is the purpose of that alliance?

Is it ok to be an “Assad apologist” now that the Kurds are allied with Assad?

How many American troops should be sent to Syria to defend the Kurds against Turkey?

How many people are in the Turkish armed forces?

How many US soldiers do you think is acceptable to have killed defending the Kurds?

Can you name one Kurd?

When did the Kurds become allies of the United States?

What have the Kurds done that has benefited American citizens?

How long should the United States have armed forces in Syria?

Can you ever envision a time when the Kurds do not feel threatened and it’s safe for American troops to leave?

Is there ever a case where an ethnic or minority group somewhere in the world is in danger, and it is not the responsibility of the US armed forces to intervene?

Would you personally fight and die for the Kurds? Would you send your children to fight and die for them?

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