“Putin is the New King of Syria”

According to the War Street Journal. Every single House Democrat that bothered to vote, voted to condemn Trump for pulling troops out of Northeastern Turkey. The majority of Republicans joined them. That’s right, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Liz Cheney are on the same side on this one, calling for endless War. Everyone in Washington outside Trump and his dwindling number of allies thinks Washington needs to rule Syria and the entire Middle East. How can it be any other way? USA and Israel good, everyone else bad. That’s about as much thought as these fools have put into it.

If Putin wants to be King of Syria, I say let him. Why would Trump or any American want anything to do with that place? What’s in it for us? When did putting the interests of US citizens over those of some ethnic minority 6,000 miles away become unthinkable? When did being anti-war become evil? When did endless killing and the destruction of foreign countries become virtuous?

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