Language in 2020

One of the main problems I have with the Corporate Media other than the obvious fact that they lie all the time is how they’ve managed to debase our language in an effort to curtail free speech. Anytime some left-wing activist makes up a new phrase or changes the meaning of a word, they jump on board with little hesitation. A prime example was all the pronouns and made up gender classifications from a few years ago. As if we can’t start a conversation with someone without asking what thing they identify as when we can usually clearly see they’re either a man or a woman.

But there are several other less obviously outrageous terms that really get to me. One is “People of Color.” This seems designed to pit every single nonwhite person against those of us whose ancestors were primarily European. You’ll hear things like “People of color are underrepresented in” this or that profession, college, sport, etc. So Asians may be way over-represented in some specific institution, but when you combine them with every single Black, Hispanic, and American Indian in the US, suddenly all the “People of Color” are being discriminated against in favor of Whites. I would also point out that if a white person says “colored people” in public he would instantly be deemed a racist and become a social outcast. But flip the words around slightly and it’s the latest PC craze.

It is also ridiculous that the Media can simply label someone with an emotion. They’ll say that some speech they disagree with is hateful or the person is filled with hate and that’s why he said this or that. No one stops to actually think this through. Hate is an emotion. If a person says he doesn’t hate blacks despite the New York Times declaring something he said to be offensive toward blacks, how can you read his mind and know he’s lying? They also use it as a synonym for racism. If someone thinks whites are superior to another race in some way, therefore he hates that race. But that doesn’t follow. You can think you are superior to something without hating it. Do you think you’re smarter than your dog? Do you hate your dog? Further, if a white person says that blacks are superior at basketball or Asians are superior at math, they’ll claim that’s racist and therefore hateful even though they’re making a claim that their own race is inferior. And finally, it’s mainly a one-way street. Other races are generally free to disparage white people and apply negative stereotypes to them without this being deemed hate.

Another trend in recent years is to label any kind of criticism of a group as a “phobia.” So if you say something that gay activists don’t like you’re “homophobic.” If you say something that trans activists don’t like you’re “transphobic.” This is an attempt to dismiss your argument as a mental disorder. You have an irrational fear of gay people. That’s why you don’t want men using a women’s bathroom or you don’t want to fly a rainbow flag in your church. You should be able to criticize something or someone without the media questioning your sanity.

Unfortunately, I think the 2020s may get worse before they get better in this regard. We shall see.

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