Sometimes I don’t understand Americans

To be fair, I’m never sure I should trust a USA Today/Ipsos Poll. But if these results are an accurate reflection on what Americans think about Trump’s handling of Iran, I simply don’t understand the thought process of many people in the United States.

The poll states the following: 52% of respondents said Trump was acting “reckless”. 42% of Americans supported the assassination of Qasen Soleimani while only 33% opposed it. 63% said it was more likely to lead to terrorist attacks on the USA and 62% said it made war with Iran more likely.

So this means you had some people say the assassination made war and terrorism inside the USA more likely but they didn’t oppose it. Are there really that many people out there who want war with Iran so bad they’re glad Trump is provoking it? They’re also ok with terrorist attacks as long as it means the US and Iran are at war?

You also had some people say Trump was reckless but didn’t oppose the assassination so they’re not even sure what he was being reckless about.

Anyway, if this poll is accurate, it is a case against Democracy.

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