MLB Cheating Scandal

So the Astros were apparently stealing signs using technology which is illegal. At first, I was of the opinion this was relatively minor and would blow over rather quickly. However, it’s become a big story in the professional sports world resulting in the firing of three managers and a GM. Three of the four were also suspended.

I have to say I agree with the harsh punishments. MLB would have a hard time disciplining any players under their collective bargaining agreement so the coaches and executives have to take the fall. That way it will be made clear they can’t allow their players or underlings to do this in the future.

Sign stealing’s always been part of the game, but if you’re going to use the television broadcasts to assist you in violation of the rules it will get downright ridiculous. Can you imagine watching the game as a fan and knowing the batter knows what pitch is coming? It would make a mockery of the whole situation.

In the old days, you could probably rely on pitchers just throwing at somebody’s head to police this sort of thing. I kind of like that and I certainly think that a lot (not all) of the recent changes in baseball have been for the worse. But given the money involved and the general camaraderie among opposing players these days, you just can’t rely on old fashioned on-field justice to correct blatant cheating like this.

I feel kind of bad for someone like Carlos Beltran who was a player back in 2017 when the cheating occurred and had just been hired for his first managerial job. No other players have been called out or suffered any consequences so it seems a bit unfair. But since he’s now in the managerial class and no longer in the players union, he’s being made an example of. And quite frankly Major League Baseball needs to come down on this quick and hard if they want to maintain the integrity of the game.

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