I’ve refrained from writing about this because it’s incredibly boring and stupid. I haven’t and won’t watch a single minute of this farce, but since I use the internet I can’t completely escape it.

Some thoughts:

  1. If you wanted to impeach Trump do it for waging the illegal war against Yemen or something along those lines. This Ukraine nonsense is meaningless. The only lesson any future president learns from this if Trump were actually removed from office would be that the Deep State has veto power over the American voting public so you’d better do what they say.
  2. John Bolton is now a hero to Democrats. That’s right, the man who never saw a country he didn’t want to bomb or starve or invade, is an ally of the “Resistance.” He works for Trump for a few months, undermines every peace effort Trump put forward, then gets fired. He then writes a tell-all book that the Deep State needs to vet before he’s allowed to publish it. They tell him there’s some classified info that needs to be redacted but go ahead and leak a bunch of info to the New York Times that they think is damaging to Trump.
  3. Schiff accused Trump’s lawyer of being in “the loop” of the whole Ukraine “scandal.” As if Schiff wasn’t in the loop with the Deep State’s attempted Coup from the beginning. As if he didn’t meet with the CIA “whistleblower” from the start before any of this garbage was public and then lie about it.
  4. Biden’s allowed to hold up aid to Ukraine to get a prosecutor fired, but Trump’s not allowed to hold up aid to investigate whether that was corrupt?
  5. Giving military aid to Ukraine is somehow in our “National Security Interest” but no one will explain how. Obama never gave them military aid so was he endangering our National Security Interest? What about when Biden held up non-Military aid?
  6. I’m against giving aid to any foreign government for any reason. The idea that we would impeach a president for delaying aid slightly seems ridiculous. Cut off all Foreign Aid! Then you won’t have any of these problems.
  7. This whole thing is obviously being done for political reasons to influence the 2020 elections. No one thinks Trump is actually going to be convicted. I think it’s likely to backfire on the Democrats.
  8. We’ve been hearing over and over about how Trump’s soliciting foreign interference in the 2020 elections. But the whole Russiagate fake scandal happened because Hillary Clinton solicited foreign interference in the 2016 elections with the Steele dossier.

There. That’s enough. There’s probably plenty more to say about this, but I’d likely throw up if I had to think about Adam Schiff for one more minute.

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